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February 28, 2012


Jimmy the Marine

Maj Pain This is just the start!

Read what Obamacare is really about people. Educate yourself!
Page 50 – Section 152 (there it is in black & white print) “Healthcare will be provided to ALL non US citizens – illegal or otherwise. (YOU pay for it)

Educate yourself here –

Worried? You should be-contact your congressman here -

Mike P

No surprise here. "The Obama administration’s proposed defense budget calls for military families and retirees to pay sharply more for their healthcare, while leaving unionized civilian defense workers’ benefits untouched." Obama has proven, time and time again, that he looks after the ones that support him. And that he could give a rats ass about the military, the ones that defend him. Semper Fi.


It's bad enough that we have to rely on 'outside' groups, such as "Soldier's Angels", "Wounded Warriors" and the such to do the job the VA was meant to do...but this borders on criminal. Every time there is a 'budget crisis', the Democrats (and truthfully, some Republicans too)slash the defense budget, strip our armed forces of benefits that would, in the civilian world, be paid for 'on-the-job' injuries and illnesses without question, but, by-god don't take away the "shrimp on a treadmill" or the "cow flatulence" and such grants. Perhaps it is the threat of personal injury lawyers in the civilian world that make the redress of legal and lawful claims happen. If so, and I would hate to see a veteran have to resort to that rout. Contact your congress critters now folks and stop this outrage, and don't just stop at that, use MegaVote to see how they actually vote on some of these outrages, because, trust me all you will get in response from their office is a form letter - but truthfully, no one can personally respond to each constituent, but there is a staff assistant keeping a tally of the caller/writer's comments. Semper Fi Major, we've got your back even if Congress doesn't.

Sammy D

These proposed changes to military benefits are especially egregious in light of today's report in the Wall Street Journal that the GAO has identified at least 80 areas of federal programs with unnecessary duplication. GAO identified at least 80 federal programs, with overlapping missions but separate, wasteful, duplicative administrative and overhead costs. Overall, the identified programs total between $200-$300 billion ANNUALLY in spending overlap. Virtually NOTHING has been done to consolidate or eliminate these programs since they were identified over a year ago.

Yes, our Representatives and Senators need to hear from us. But even more importantly, every service member needs to VOTE - every election, whether it is your local municipality or the presidential election, matters. We can "preach to the choir" but we can't change anything without the millions of single votes each of us can use together to change course.


Amen on voting down the chain - take it all the way to your local school board. I contact my Senator's and Representative's office regularly, and volunteer in campaigns for candidates that support returning this country back to a nation of laws under the Constitution - I took and oath to '...uphold and defend...", and I don't remember it having an expiration date.


Anyone in particualr to contact about this??


MILITARY PERSONNEL - Active and Retired. They need your help now. Please know this is not about politics. No matter what your views are, these brave men and women put their lives on the line every day for us, and their families put their lives on hold in the meantime. They ask nothing in return.

Civilians and Military Personnel can participate.

Will you please take just 5 minutes to visit: Click on ACTION ALERT and follow the prompts to send emails to your respective Congressional leaders.

Then pass on the website to anyone and everyone you know, military and civilian. Some of you on this email are or have members of the military family. We thank you for your service.


Did the tricare website-hope it works


...and this is how big Gov says "thank you for your service"........

Tim in the Mtns

Panetta: 'Nutty formula' to cut defense spending is too devastating to even plan (it will also affect their saleries now too)

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey responded to the prospect of an addition half trillion dollars in cuts with a simple, sobering statement.

"We would not any longer be a global power," Dempsey said.

Mark L

Obama Admin Spends $750,000 On Soccer Field For Gitmo Detainees (But can't fund Tricare),000_On_Soccer_Field_For_Gitmo_Detainees.html

Marine Plaques

To bad he won't cut benefits to government employees who don't contribute a damn thing to this country! If any service person votes for this clown now he or she must be a total idiot!


Good to see that our country is taking great care of the people who protect it. We are willing to give free healthcare and financial assistance to the 20-year olds sitting on their asses all day playing video games but we can't provide proper care to those who have given their all.

The priorities in our country are askew. I truly feel sad for the slap in the face that our servicemen have received.

That being said, please educate yourselves. This isn't just Obama's doing. Congress was behind it as well. Think twice before you vote someone in the office.


First, A big THANK YOU to all of you who served. I am an Army Brat and I got a lot of my shots as a kid at Walter REed, prior to WWII, my aunt, who was left matlelny disabled due to childhood measles, was hospitalized at Dewitt in the '60's and the cost was $1.50 a day. This country has a debt to those who fought in WWI and other actions since, we have a debt to those who wear the uniform, PERIOD, I heard a saying, I believe goes back prior to WWI, "A country is only as stron as her Army". We have a sitting POTUS who never was in ROTC or for that matter studied the TRUE history of this country, he and his minions want to destroy what that "Stars and Stripes" stands for and, that starts with first step weaken our defense, thaen lower the moral of the whole country.



Cecila Hefner

The disparity in treatment between civilian and uniformed personnel.

Fernanda Perales

The Obama administration’s proposed defense budget calls for military families.

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We as veterans need to pick a date and march on Washingto DC. It is sad that the President who would ask for us to give our lives for this country and then take our benefits away!

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