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January 24, 2012



I was in Platoon 289 at P.I. June-September, 1968, and we had about the same attrition rate and for the same reasons. I have been privileged to know younger Marines, one of my clerk's sons was on the assault of Kuwait Airport - the times and ages may have changed, but the 'Marine' is still the same - steeped in the history and honor of their Corps.


Thanks for the post Major... Brought tears to the eyes and pounding to my heart.. There is nothing like a Marine... Now and for always. Semper Fi!

Mike P

Quite possibly the best that I have ever heard it expressed. As I have said before, if I have to explain, you wouldn't understand. Semper Fi.

Blaine C

quite the coincidental time line - 2210 in 1968 - because i was in 2209 from Nov to mid-Jan of 1967. Semper Fi major, sir.


Awesome description of what makes a Marine. My son is a new Marine and is at MCT in Camp Pendleton. I didn't want him to be in the military and neither did his mother, but he didn't care. He came from a good home, he has an older brother that he idolizes, he was going to be a junior in college, and he just told us it was his calling. I didn't understand his decision, nor do I understand any Marines decision, to put his life in jeopardy, but that's what makes a man a Marine. I am very proud of my Marine, but scared for him. I was against the military for selfish reasons, because my sons are the best gift I've ever received, the thought of losing one of them is something I can't even fathom! God bless all of you warriors, you are truly a rare breed. Now that my son is a Marine, I have a sense of pride that I can't even put into words.

Maj Pain

Thanks for the comments warriors!
bbogg-FYI there was a certain "Major" that was excepted to the Air Force academy to play football however his parents didn't tell him until the day before it was too late. They hesitated because they didn't want him to go into the military. That Major then happen to go & enlist into the Marines, become a Pvt, then Cpl before applying for an officer program in the Marines. Strange how things work out. I wouldn't have changed it for the world. Semper Fi


Did you ever get to play college football? Many college coaches would like to have Marines play for them as they go through process of becoming Marine Officers.

John F. Connelly Jr.

Outstanding Enlightening Piece. Thank you
John F. Connelly Jr. 0103415 5th Marines An Hoa 1968-69

Dale Wilson

Semper Fi, Marine!!

Cory Buckley

I passed this article on to a retired Army Col that I know and this is his reply. I am a 20 year Marine Corp Vet (Grunt) and am pretty offended to say the least.

C.W. Buckley (GySgt USMC Ret)

The marines are a great military service, few will dispute that claim.

The first refuge of the insecure is to designate an enemy and then try to tear them down. We have all seen the coward who picks out someone who is bigger (sic, 'better'- economically, intellectually, professionally, more respected, take your pick) than he is, then, usually behind their back, say stuff that makes the coward feel bigger about himself. Most of what sparacino (if that's who really wrote this- it is the 'internet' after all) says about the other services is incorrect, again reflecting the predictable ignorance of those who would claim superiority over other whole classes of people. Racists, tyrants, and other demagogues rely on disinformation, self-aggrandizement, exaggeration and other stereotypical methods of propaganda to sway their hoped-to-be-compliant audience. In our American culture, fortunately, we have a level of objectivity and education that sees through these shallow attempts to slander those who do not deserve it, even if it purports to promote your own tribe.

Who does he have to prove anything to? Who do any of us have to prove anything to? I say "ourselves," and the real enemies who see who and what we are through actual performance. That does not require denigrating our best friends.

Healthy competition is good. Sparacino does not understand that. He would turn brothers in arms (& sisters) into opponents. All apparently to feed his "little man" ego, his deep sense of inferiority. I call it an effort to establish himself as the subject matter 'taliban.' In this case his self-proclaimed superiority. Subscribe to his perverted sense of what to believe and you are little better than a soldier, sailor, airman or coastie whom he tries to demean. Some call it brainwashing.

He says "passed to a marine from another marine" - Well, I give my marine friends more credit than to buy this brand of folderal. My conclusion is that agreeing with what he wrote is to be ignorant, believing his brand of inferiority is to be stupid.

check out and google Audie Murphy.

Ray Roth


Its OK Cory-Look what the Major post about what "Army" Colonels are also saying. Apparently they are off the mark.

Ron Little

So many things I did not know about the Marines. I have always thanked our military for their service to our country, but, now I know what makes the Marines special. What is missing today in the USA today is that "esprit de corps" towards our countries history and love of country. Thank you for the above document and thank you Marines for your service and dedication.


I don't know what the negative comments are about...
Why shouldn't the Marine author of this article take Great pride in belonging to one of the hardest branches of the United States military to get in and out of. After all the pride of belonging to something that's bigger than yourself, and fighting for what you believe in is why we all joined the service in the first place. I was raised in a family of Marine men, my grandfathers, my father, my brother, my uncles, my cousins, and I myself the only female. I was in the Navy ROTC for my junior high, and high school years and it was at this point that I decided that I wanted to join in the footsteps of those before me.

I signed on for 4yrs in the Navy in 1994 and 8yrs in the Marine Corps in 1999... you do the math. ...

*es•spirit de corps* Once a Marine always A Marine.

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