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January 05, 2012


David Navarre

Sounds like the best way to reduce their stress is to deploy all of them to an FOB in AFG, so they only have one set of "stressors". These POGs have it so hard right now that being in the sandbox would be stress-relieving, eh?



Steve Dahl

Speaking of STRESS!!! We've conducted a serious research project on the Most Stressful and Least Stressful Jobs of 2012. Two of the top ten positions for Most Stressful Jobs are with the military. Specifically, both Soldiers and Generals are mentioned in the study. Here's the link:



It's the Air Force, what do ya expect?


I've tried to write this comment for awhile. And I keep deleting it. But I guess I'll ask a question instead. Is there any chance you relate these Air Force drone operators to the Marine Corps UAS community?


My husband is a USAF Reaper pilot. Please don't ever believe everything you read. He loves his job but would give anything to be back up in the air flying his prior plane the B-1. But due to ops tempo and needs of the AF he can't go back to being a "real" pilot. I don't expect a Marine to understand the ways of the AF but know that the RPA community is treated like the red headed stepchild of the AF. Most of them have seen more combat during their RPA time than their primary aircraft. They appreciate coming home to their families every night. Most come from high TDY's rate aircraft and chose this so they can be home every night. They love the mission, love being the "tip of the spear". I would just ask you to not paint everyone with the same brush, nor believe everything you read. A few spoiled apples can ruin the basket, I would expect a marine to understand this given the recent bad press your beloved Corp has received as of late.

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