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Flagline-We are the Patriot Guard Riders.


On Wednesday November 30, 2011 the Patriot Guard Riders will conduct honors for ...Veterans Without Family at Riverside National Cemetery. The National Guard Honors Team will fold the flag of our great nation. The rifle team will fire three volleys followed by Taps in honor of our Veterans. We know not how these Veterans lived their lives and it matters not. We set in judgment of no one. What we do know of these Veterans is that they gave a portion of their lives serving their country. Each of these Veterans took an oath to defend the United States against all enemies from within and without. In doing so they agreed to pay a price up to and including their lives. No price can be paid for their sacrifice. May their souls rest in honored peace beneath the sod of a nation they helped to keep free. We will not forget.
We are the Patriot Guard Riders.

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When you want to take away from those that need it-watch out for the curb

It’s one thing to be a “non-contributor” to society and then it’s another to take away or steal from those that have earned/paid for it. That fits this and many situations in today’s world. Your warriors are out on the edge of the empire kicking butt and need all the support they can get. When someone decides to steal something that doesn’t belong to them especially around Christmas time and there happens to be a few Marines outside collecting toys for those much less fortunate, they should really watch out for the curbs. They can be pretty mean.

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Peggy & her warriors!! Welcome home HMLA 267

“Peggy” is a devoted, motivated supporter of all warriors who supported me through all of my deployments, cooked me a turkey day meal one year (as I brought along a bunch of Marines) and continues to “be there” when warriors come home, rain or shine, day or night. Keep your eyes open for her if you’re on the left coast (west coast) as you might see her on a motorcycle with a bunch of Marines. Below she shares her welcome home party for yet again, more Marines. Thanks Peggy for always being there for us!!

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Pincher &CO

Peggy and the "CO"

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Happy Thanksgiving- But thats your choice!

Marine Cpl. Kevin Marra, left, a Walton High School graduate, and Marine Staff Sgt. Luis Juarez, a Marietta High School graduate, will be spending Thanksgiving in Camp Bastion, Afghanistan.
Special to the MDJ

Thanksgiving. There are few occasions when families get together all in one place and actually see one another and be thankful. Some families don’t always “get along” and therefore dread these types of holidays. The awkward meeting of the fellow sibling that causes friction can be a negative element to the holiday and can be a pain in the ass.  If not the sibling then perhaps something else that is out there that makes you not want to be together. Well, that’s your choice.

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One group that knows sacrifice-read about a Hollywood "star" with Marines

OK, I wasn’t going to even post about this until it hit me. After Mr Sassy pants (Timberlake) went to the Marine Corps Ball this year and had his eyes opened and perhaps if he runs his mouth enough others will hear him and then some, may just a few people that still have no clue what their Marine Corps does for them will perhaps have a coming to the fact that their Marines no shit actually put others before themselves and are one element that knows the meaning of sacrifice.

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A Message from a Navy Doctor-take the time to read it


This is a Marine Corps Birthday message from a Navy Doctor in Afghanistan (for the civilians among you, he is stationed a major, non-Marine base). I have left some of the forwarding blog material below. The doctor's comments are unedited. My apologies to the priests who are addressees but you would have been extremely suspicious of editorializing had there not been scatological opinion reinforcement of the Anglo - Saxon variety.

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US troops out of Iraq? -Not - US is planning buildup in Gulf (Kuwait) after Iraq exit


MacDILL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. — The Obama administration plans to bolster the American military presence in the Persian Gulf after it withdraws the remaining troops from Iraq this year, according to officials and diplomats. That repositioning could include new combat forces in Kuwait able to respond to a collapse of security in Iraq or a military confrontation with Iran.

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