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October 18, 2011


Sammy D

I agree - complete lack of broad defense policy, continued knee-jerk reaction to events playing out around the world, and indeterminate mission goals. As a civilian, I am embarrassed that we expect our troops to put their lives on the line under such an incompetent administration.


Things that make you say WHAT?

Mike P

I served with the Kenyan Army, on a joint exercise back in '82. While I think that an effective fighting force can be raised in that part of the world, I question the ability of a very small contigent of our Military to have much effect. Considering the tribal divisions that exist in the culture, along with the willingness to commit atrocities, an example being the Rwandan massacre. Do those folks over there need help? Yes. Should it be our men and women going into harms way? No. This Sunday is the 28th anniversary of the Beirut Bombing, a hard example of what happens when we stick our nose into something that we have no business getting into, asked or not. It seems that we never learn the lesson of having not only a clear mission, but realizing what we are getting into before we send our troops in. If it is for the win, then go for it. If not, sit it out. Won't bother me. Semper Fi.


Oh, but they're only 'acting as advisors'....Geeze, where have I heard that before, Vietnam???


the same thing happened in 46, 53, 73, 91 and amazingly by the same scumbags that own the White House. and there is no love lost for Americans/ they ain't.

I didnt vote for him

Despite all of the rhetoric coming out of Washington about cutting federal spending and living within our means, the numbers don't lie. According to the recently released numbers by the Congressional Budget Office, our Federal Government spending was up 5% in 2011 over what we spent in 2010. This marks the largest year of budget expenditures in our nation's history.
The Federal government spent an alarming $3.6 trillion dollars in 2011, more than the previous year and even more than 2009 when President Obama pushed his failed Stimulus package through an attempt to spend us out of a recession.

At a time when most American's are struggling for revenue and are forced to cut back, it is unconscionable how our federal government continues to increase their spending and plunge our nation further into debt.


I‘m with you, Major along with all of the above comments. Not getting this either! To add to my confusion, Jim Inhofe was behind this decision to put boots on the ground 100%. ?????????????????


This is NUTS! Yes, I’m sympathetic and concerned in regard to the atrocities taking place in Uganda and other nations but we need to take care of business on our southern border. People are being very naïve if they think there is some mystical line that can’t be crossed when it comes to seeing the same atrocities happening right here on our own soil.

Wake up America!




The Mounting Hezbollah Threat in Latin America

Ambassador Roger Noriega:


jim b

Unfortunately I am sure I will have a dog in this fight.

Two trips to the 'stan ... an effort that the CIC seems to be working hard at tossing ... and now a trip to this goat roping.

I am sure I know several of the others who will be with him.

I now know how my wife felt sitting behind and waiting.

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