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September 13, 2011


Margaret Foenander

Whatever you do...don't retire,The services need people like you,when I think of what used to go on in my unit in the 70's and 80's,if it happened today,we'd all be drummed out.Our leaders were tough,no political correctness,you told it as it was,good luck to you Mongo in whatever you decide to do.


That about sums it up for me, too.

Carry on.




I agree with all of the above.... Do not retire and sit and rock on your recliner on the front porch and watch the world go by... We still need the hell raisers as our fighter pilots and our fighters in general.. We need men like you at the lead... Not some whimp who wants to be a politically correct in name only so called leader.... Keep doin what you're doin General!! We are behind you 100% and then some..

K.J. Hinton (OldCavLt)

Unfortunately, General, if you're not retired, you soon will be.

On the tombstone of this once-great nation there will likely be many things. And one of them, no doubt will read: At least their military was politically correct.

I'm just sorry I didn't gechancenace to serve with you.


Yikes and yes at the same time

Peg Jacobson

Thank you General for having the guts to speak as you did. Personally, I'm sick of 'political correctness'. I hate to see good men and women retire or 'be retired', there are so few of you left. Blessings to you General....pj


I've got a lot of questions about the authenticity of this letter. I've read it several times but the first questions came to mind when I read this:

"And while I'm at it, Fighter Pilots, who are willing to die so that we can have low prices at the gas pump and shop at the mall"

and this:

"when we want to force our form of government on some poor, unsuspecting poppy growing shit hole"

I would expect to read either one of these statements on Code Pink t-shirts or signs or in the comments section on Huffington Post. That is SOP for them. No one in our liberal media would have blinked an eye. On the other hand if the author is the General we would still be hearing how the General finally said what the left has been saying all along. This war is all about oil and keeping spoiled rotten Americans supplied with plenty of gas so they can go to the mall. From what I read on another site (link below) this letter has been circulating for some time and the media has not touched it. Not to mention that parts of the letter come almost word for word out of a book by Drew Carey as shown by another poster on the same link below.

So why does all this matter to me? It matters because if the above statements are taken to be true and accurate then I have been wrong all along about the reason we went to war and the mission we have in Afghanistan. It matters to me because I don’t want another Warrior to fall or be horrendously injured so I can fill up my gas tank and go to the mall. I want them home now if our mission in Afghanistan isn’t to give the people there the tools to create a civil society rather than force our form of government on them.

Link below opens an entire page discussion of the authenticity of this letter:


Leadership's just pussyfootin' around..

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