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Another example of actions speaking louder than words!

Tomb of unknown soldier

A warrior from the Old Guard mans the post of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington DC durring Hurrican Irene 2011. Actions speaking louder than words!!

WASHINGTON - "As Hurricane Irene barrels her way toward the mid-Atlantic and up the East Coast, members of The Old Guard continue their vigilance at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

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Welcome to the House of Pain!

House of Pain

We were created to help the pain of the Navy was feeling, we were born in a bar. We fight world wide as our symbol represents worldwide service, naval traditions and the United States. We take volunteers only and we make them the most disciplined fighters the world has seen. They earn the Eagle Globe and Anchor and they earn it through sweat, blood and pain.

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Charles Murray, WWII Medal of Honor Recipient, Dies


A Medal of Honor recipient recognized for courageous actions during the Second World War has died, at the age of 89.

There are warriors, and then there are warriors. Charles Murray was one of those that had it in him to put others including his country ahead of himself. Selfless, doesn’t begin to describe this hero.

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Tips for your Monday!


Alright ladies yes its Monday. Where did the weekend go? Dunno but I hope you made a difference like we spoke about here at OMV!

 Not sure about where your at but the weather here is crapy, everyone is in a bad mood (because its Monday) and the weekend was about 5 dazys too short. Suck it up, no one is shooting at you so really how bad is it? You get to go home every night right?

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Biker Marine hit by 21yr old DUI driver keeps fighting-GySgt Smith

A recent post about one of our warriors who was hit on his mortorcycle in this post is doing better. “ A decorated Marine critically injured by at 21-year-old accused drunk driver is showing some major improvement Friday. He has done 4 tours to Iraq & Afghanistan, IED attacks and now 21 year old drivers back in the states.

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The Sky is falling!!! Cancel Christmas!!!


The Sky is falling!!! Cancel Christmas!!! Relax warriors...It’s going to be ok!

I know it’s been kinda crappy lately with everything going on.  However, it’s Friday Warriors. The week is over. Knowing that you have two days looking at back at you what are you going to do with them so you aren’t sitting there Sunday night going boo hoo I have to go to work on Monday...sniff?

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