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If you don't back our troops-feel free to stand in front of them


The below article is one of many that includes a home owners association and a patriotic American that wants to display their flag or in this case a sign that says "Our son defends our freedom". Now generally, my thoughts are if you want to live in a neighbourhood and they are so left winged and tight ass that they won’t allow American flags to be flown, simple don’t live there. Do your homework and simply know what you can or cant do. I think it should be against the law freaking period to refuse anyone in this country to fly the American flag but that’s just One Marine’s View.


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Earned-Never Given

 Like I mentioned in my last post Im off and on the “grid” for a bit. Not on vacation unfortunately but working but still getting to smoke stoags while I work…(doest it get any better?) Respect has to be earned. I can count on one hand the guys I would gladly step in front of and take a bullet for. You know the kind you respect the hell out of and like that of my last post, a leader. I’m getting to work with a bunch of those kind of guys. 

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