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We don’t know how good we have it - Life is hard; it's harder if you're stupid.


Seriously? I was finishing up cup 11 or 12 of the black nectar of the goods coffee the other morning and gleamed over an article here about some cry-baby kid not wanting to go to “camp” during the summer. After I threw up a little bit in my mouth I thought Americans, especially High Schoolers and below have no freaking idea how good we have it. Apparently the fact that the weak ass parents of this kid that felt like she was being “attacked” by a 9-year old is so pathetic and a true reflection of how our milk-toast society is still nursing their kids ....for the love of God, cut them off and make them be 9 year olds... Fk! No wonder the Chinese are laughing at America! (throws coffee cup at random jogger)

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St Louis vs Afghanistan


If your near St Louis and are seeing a shit ton of Marines in the area, yes you’ve probably figured it out that it is “Marine Week”. “Marine Week provides an opportunity to increase public awareness of the Marine Corps' value to our nation's defense and to preserve and mature the Corps' relationship with the American people.” True but while you are looking at the nice smelling neat “flyboys” hanging around the helo static displays, know that there are steely eyed “Flyboys” just like those in St  Louis getting some in Afghanistan and there are no parades or crowds greeting them there and I bet the ones in Afg don’t smell as nice as those in St Louis.  

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Politics, Economics or Victory- What Everyone Ought to Know about the troop withdrawal

One Marinesview.com


With the Presidential decision to withdraw 10,000 troops from Afghanistan, the mission of the initial Counter Insurgency (COIN) plan of the surge just shrunk tenfold.  Back in 2009 when the surge was initiated the extra troops allowed NATO to push to the north & south of Afghanistan constricting the enemy into stalemate. Now with the reduction of the limited 2 year “surge” forces, US troops will have to withdraw from those northern & southern positions to fall back and reduce operations which will release the pressure on the enemy. To think a Counter Insurgency (COIN) fight would only last 2 years is unrealistic. In fact COIN wars usually last much longer than 10 years. This isn’t a “shock & awe” type of war.


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To steal from Peter to pay Paul is not an option in Afghanistan


To steal from Peter to pay Paul is not a course of action for the gunfighter executing the plan. There is no one more determined to return home from war than those directed to go and conduct that war. Period. However, that same warrior would rather go once, twice or three times on deployment in the short time to settle the war than have the events that created the war resurface five years down the road and have to start from scratch.

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Should we stay or should we go? – Clash/Afghanistan

(Hopefully this song will be stuck in your head as yer kicking ass today-try to find the US Army Special Forces sheild in the video...yea, its in there)

Should I stay or should I go now? If I go there will be trouble An’ if I stay it will be double So come on and let me know is it time for us to go? We are making a difference (see bullet holes in Bin Laden) but we have also suffered 1624 losses of America’s best  total to date.

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When it's your time, it's your time

I’m a firm believer when it’s your time, it’s your time. You can get the crap scared out of you while deployed pretty easy. The type of scare that makes you wonder why your still alive type of scare. We would tell young warriors who did get scared that there is no reason to fret over it. When it’s your time, it’s your time. Focus on the enemy.

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I’d just rather you said “Thank You"


One reason I have the One Marine’s View Blog is to help the typical American understand “what” their Marines are doing in Afghanistan. It would surprise the hell out of you that so few Americans really understand what Marines are about or accomplish in places like Afghanistan, especially your younger warriors. As a society now days we are clueless about sacrifices that the military makes. Older generations get it but our younger generation....not so much.  Many of the younger ones that do get it join the military.

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