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Combat operations have ebbs and flows.  Within a blink of an eye there can be more activity and friction that you ever thought could be present, then it grows even more. Usually those types of efforts have results, good and bad. You can measure your past and progress and in our case the result has been a success.

Everything has a price, usually a consumable one that can never be replaced. In our efforts our gains have been paid for in blood, however, the accomplishments of your young Marines have put the enemy in a hurt locker.

We have been busy, really busy, but we are all doing the things we enjoy, if that makes sense and things have been going very good. We have had some losses but they all died as heroes.  The enemy has been dealt a severe blow and was trapped like a dog. There has been fighting and IEDs but nothing your young warriors can’t handle. I have seen boys become men in the past few days and indescribable heroism, bravery, and passion as they took the fight to the enemy. I am very proud of them all.


Never take it for granted

Shit happens fast and before you know it things have changed for certain that cannot be changed back. You must never take for granted what you are doing. For, what you are doing is consuming resources that you only get a limited supply of. Stop and look at what you are doing. Is it really what you should be doing? Are you doing what you really want to do or have to do at this time?

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