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Obama Signs Landmark Anti-Smoking Bill ohhh and some military changes

Altough this bill is focused and tittled the “Tobacco Bill” something that servicemembers should know is that the second half of the bill regulates TSP for servicemembers.  It describes how the Gov will not match what you earn etc. Clever stuffing it under the “Tobacco Bill”…Brilliant!


How about you call me General & I'll call you Senator?


Here is a military professional who time and time again uses the term Sir & Ma’am as  a professional response. How else could the “senator” mean her public demonstration other than a slap in the Generals face? “I worked so hard to get that title.” She says….and he hasn’t worked hard to get the title “General”? Typical one sided….do as I say not as I do. I watched the entire video and she never addresses him as General once…….Brilliant…..click the pic to see the video. A different version below...

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Wad up any common sense & throw it in the shit can

So as I began to read this I thought, ya, if you’re going to ride and participate, you should pay regardless if you’re a Marine, Sailor or injured construction worker. BUT, the kid isn’t getting out of his chair. His  stressed out wife and kids or family were probably trying to let some steam off of their jacked up new life.

Actually I’m really not surprised this happened as it was most likely some pimple faced moron of a teen ager running the ticket booth that had a set of parents that should have jus said no to one another expanding their gene pool.

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