March 18, 2009



You made me cry.

And thanks for not calling them "winners". I email more newspapers screaming "they're RECIPIENTS DAMMIT.... it wasn't a CONTEST".

Semper Fi


God bless that flight attendant

DiAnna Maxwell

We have the biggest reality show inthe world going in Iraq and Afghanistan. The "winners" get to come home in one piece and alive.
Too bad America doesn't pay more attention to real life than the TV


Well said Maxie, well said.


Spot on maxie and meadowlark."WINNERS"are those who live in a world free from terrorism.Unfortunately in todays world this is brought to us by the sacrafices and heroism of our military and their families.God Bless them one and all.


wonderful flight attendent. I would have benn able to name them all-as for american idol, WHO CARES;)


Surprised that flight attendant was not somehow reprimanded..

Anyway, I dont know how this goes exactly but there is an old quote and it goes like this... (gist) A commander referring to his troups:

"Most are useless, some will sway the fight, a few will insure victory and ONE will win the day and bring our boys back safe".

That is my definition of an MOH recipient... and yes.. he didnt Win a damn thing.. He saved his boys and insured their safety.


If anyone recognizes that quote and knows how it really goes.. I would love to hear it. Thanx!



If not I claim copyrights to the one I posted! LOL! hehee! oops..
sorry... some....


It is truly sad that we don't recognize our veterans more. Instead we give our approbation to sports heroes who earn millions of dollars, and who at times behave like spoiled brats.

PFC J K LaForce

A slight correction, coming from a young Marine.

Cpl. Jason Dunham, who died absorbing a grenade blast that would've killed the Marines in his squad, is one of a few Marines to have recieved the Navy Cross, not the Medal of Honor. However, he is the first Marine in many years to have a USN destroyer named in his honor. How fitting that in a very real sense, Corporal Dunham will always safeguard this nation's shores. Certainly he lived and died worthy of the legacy which General Puller and Gunnery Sergeant Basilone have given to us.

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