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The peaceful picture


Actually, this is a peaceful picture, although it evokes the Cold War. Two F-15s (foreground) scramble to intercept two Mig-29s in 1989. IIRC, the Mig-29s were the first ever to fly in American airspace, on their way to a Canadian airshow. The interception was just a practise.

Another Battle on the housing front (Military)

This is actually getting alot of attention from congress and throughout the military services. I hear alot about it here in Washington DC. We wiill see the outcome it produces. Maj Pain

The orders came while Navy Lt. Adam Diaz was winding down a one-year stint in Baghdad: Report to the Navy Annex in Arlington for a new assignment in April. -- Given the military lifestyle, the prospect of a move came as no surprise to Diaz, 31, who has spent his adult life in the Navy.

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Attitude is everything!

Forwarded by: the marine that sent this (Vietnam Veteran) to me:

Thirty-nine years ago I was shot in an ambush while a Marine on a night patrol
in Vietnam. I had potentially fatal wounds to my chest and a serious wound to my
right leg. To put matters bluntly, I had never been more terrified in my life.
Would I die? And if I died, would I go to heaven? I also thought about the
buddies I was leaving behind. Somehow,I wanted to believe that they would be
better off without me to slow them down.

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Taking Chance tonight 2000 (8pm) on HBO Watch it

So Kevin Bacon came to Quantico Va to visit during the premier of "Taking Chance". Along LCpl Chance’s parents. It’s a tough one to watch without letting your emotions kick in while at the same time you overflow with pride. Regardless if you don’t know a warrior or parents that have lost one, you should watch tonight. Leave your thoughts in the comments section. Semper Fi



The Fairness Doctrine-Read This

Legislation currently is before Congress that would reinstate a federal communications policy known as the "fairness doctrine." The legislation, entitled the "Fairness in Broadcasting Act of 1993," is sponsored in the Senate (S. 333) by Ernest Hollings, the South Carolina Democrat, and in the House (H.R. 1985) by Bill Hefner, the North Carolina Democrat.

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