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“I’ve got a bracelet too”

Aleqm5jl6ighibjgzaoza9jnsgmrwks9g I’ve attended political events where MCain has held his hand up and without mentioning it I’ve noticed that he was wearing a veteran’s bracelet. But, now during the first debate on Friday, I have to think why Obama has decided to wear one.

Of course you guys are smart enough to know why he is wearing it and mainly for the fact to counter the statements he knew McCain was going to say about the one he was wearing during the debate.

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41234147 U.S. Marine Cpl. Garrett Jones was deployed to Afghanistan just a year after losing his left leg to a roadside bomb while serving in Iraq as an infantry fighter. In previous wars, Jones would have received a medical discharge and returned to civilian life. But in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, the Pentagon has made it possible for some amputees to return to duty.

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Give til it hurts......

Thankkful_for From now to Thanksgiving, Im featuring “What are you Thankful for” donations for AnySoldier.com.
I’m thankful to serve next to the world’s best fighters to ever live. To be an American and to serve it proudly! What are you thankful for? Think about all of the things you wouldn’t have or have already forgotten about and have become complacent about. You know things like electricity, clean water….and so on.

Many in the world won’t ever have those things. I know you can write three things down that without those warriors kicking butt overseas, we wouldn’t have.  Have you already forgotten Sept 11th?
Try not having one of those over priced Vanilla Cappuccinos tomorrow and donate what you would have spent for the week! C’mon, I know you guys aren’t cheap ungrateful takers. Let’s give a little bit and then we all will have something truly to be thankful for! Look to the right hand side bar and click on "donate" and give til it hurts!Steal this post,link to it and throw it on your blog and shoot me a link to it in the comments on this post. Semper Fi & Thanks!

Letter from Afghanistan, from a hero

How do we really know what is going on in Iraq or Afghanistan?  This solder gives his thoughts, in a letter that was recently published in the Crescent City (California) Triplicate, and I quote:

Letter from Afghanistan
Published: September 22, 2008
Editor's note: This is the unedited version of the letter emailed to Triplicate reporter Adam Madison on Sept. 11 from Afghanistan by Capt. Bruno de Solenni of Crescent City.

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Rock, Paper Scissors.....

3075_2 Not sure if this is true but hell, who cares, it sounds great, fun too!

In addition to communicating with the local air traffic control
facility, aircraft are required to give the Iranian Air Defense Radar
(military) a ten minute "heads up" that they will be transiting Iranian airspace.  This is a common procedure for commercial aircraft
and involves giving them your call sign, transponder code, type
aircraft, and points of origin and destination.

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The Technology war

As we continue to win the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, we maximize our power with technology. Below are some examples where we read eye retinas like finger prints but better. With a large data base established we know everything about anyone in the area, friend, foe, policeman or tribesman. Just think about all the cool stuff we can’t talk about…………sucks to be a bad guy……….smoke em if ya got em!

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Do you really know what is happening in Iraq? Part II

The area I was in this tour was a decentralized isolated area that had gypsies in it. They couldn’t go into Fallujah or Baghdad because they were perhaps wanted or some other reason kept them away so they lived near us. We didn’t locate our base at this are by chance, it needed Coalition Force support and now.

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Winners of the Third Annual Milbloggies announced in Las Vegas!

Thanks to all who voted for One Marines View and for taking the time to go to Milblogging.com to vote. I was unable to attend the award ceremony and other "Black Ops" but know it was over the top and surpassed last years! Great job to all at Milblogging.com, all participating, promoting and organizing the event. Below are the Blogs that won their section. Semper Fi-Maj Pain


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Do you really know what is happening in Iraq?

If you read the local paper that may or may not be skewed in one way or another, you may question yourself if you really know what is happening in Iraq.  Are things getting better? I have done one tour in Afghanistan and three six month tours in Iraq as an US Marine.

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