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The Volunteers

Do not203250984_5200f892cc  take a single day for granted, especially when there are those who are willing to die to present it to you, both present and past. All of us have busy lives, which are usually stressed on Mondays, but as you enjoy the radio, casual lunch or friendly conversation with friends, know there are warriors out of sight slinging lead at enemies that want you and everything America stands for to die and he volunteered to do it. Hell of a group of volunteers, I would say. Semper Fidelis warrior.

This letter was originally published by the Clayton News Daily (Jonesboro, GA) on July 4th, 2007.

To the editors:

Today is July 4th, our country's Independence Day, and 231 years ago, our forefathers won this for all to enjoy.

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The lion. He is the king of the jungle. He sits in the shade as little cubs taunt him and pull at his tail. The hyenas’ watch the lion all the time. Day in and day out. Everyday they test the lion by hunting in his area ever so much than the previous day. Until. Until the lion one day gets a really tired of the hyenas and lets them get real brave and careless, then he attacks and kills every hyena near him.


A Plan to kill everyone.

0_61_totten1_320_3    An interesting story on Fox News:

FALLUJAH -- A sign on the door leading out of India Company’s Combat Operations Center says “Have a Plan to Kill Everyone You Meet.” For a fraction of second I thought it might be some kind of joke. But I was with the Marine Corps in Fallujah, and it wasn’t a joke.

I asked Captain Stewart Glenn if he could explain and perhaps elaborate a bit on what, exactly, that sign is about. “It’s pretty straightforward,” he said rather bluntly. “It means exactly what it says.” Welcome to counterinsurgency.

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By the end of the day....

By_the_end_of_the_day It’s not bad when its 113 degrees. Its hot, ya and the salt from the pores of your skin stain your clothes as you continue to become dehydrated. But that’s one of the acceptable factors here. Just like sharing a head (toilet) with a couple hundred Marines, except it and get over it. You have an issue with toilet paper being on the ground of a port-a-john and not so clean, you don’t like sharing the “shower” almost as fast as a revolving door, you have never had to burn poop? You put those “discomforts” on the side because whining about them here will only get you an ass chewing. “Its hot”…No kidding Captain Obvious…..Go ahead and take you mind off the enemy and let the heat, cramped quarters, long days or any other discomfort beat your focus, that’s precisely when the enemy will reach up and smack you in the face. Suck it up cup cake, its gonna be a long ride, even longer if you aren’t mentally tuff. By the end of the day, you’ll get over it.

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TODAY, the 232nd anniversary of the day our Declaration of Independence rang out in


, we rightly honor the men who debated and signed the document: Jefferson, Adams,


and their colleagues. Yet, after that glorious declaration was signed in ink, it had to be counter-signed in blood.

Without men willing to take up arms and fight for the freedoms the Founding Fathers asserted, the words themselves would have secured us nothing.

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How did you spend the 4th of July?


Your Marines continued kicking ass  while completing long convoys today among other patrols and missions. No marching bands, no, fireworks. In fact the men were pretty much happy to hit the rack when they arrived back at our out post late in the evening. Covered in dirt with that “I’ve been in that damn hummer too long” look.  Conducting effective missions that do more good than most will realize well after they have returned home. No fancy napkins donned the tables at chow as a few Marines cook some steaks “acquired” out side on a 55 gal grill.

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Independence Day 08


In most branches of the military, the first of the month is when service members get promoted if they have met the requirements. On July 1st, Marines here in Iraq were no different.  As blowing sand came across the landscape, their promotion would be done in a combat zone instead of some nice clean meeting room, Marines gathered in formation as they had accomplished the requirements and met guidelines to be promoted to the next rank. No family members, no high attention, just fellow Marines ready to be promoted and fellow Marines ready to congratulate them.

“In 1778, General George Washington marked Independence Day with a double ration of rum for his soldiers and an artillery salute.” Wikipedia

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