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June 14, 2008


Miss Emu

My dear Major

I gave up watching the news when they took out the embedded reporters. I knew that the non-embedded reporters were sitting in a hotel at the bar writting their stories with a drink in hand while lie-ing their asses into Hell just to make themselves seem important.

As soon as i found out about military blogs i became an advid reader. I listen to talk radio as much as i can when i am working. I discovered that if i want to know what the Hell is going on all i have to do is search for it.

As you can probably guess i am in the 95.3%.

Thank you and all who are with you for putting your boots in those very difficult places for we who can not walk beside you.

A not so young Georgia Nana--Miss Em


Good job Major. I don't trust the news media, but I trust you.


The answer to the question is Yes, we still have troops in Iraq. And I watched embedded reporters and know that they still don't get it. But remember that Main Stream Media News is about attracting audience for the commercials that pay the firm, not about making anyone smarter than they were when they turned on the television or opened the printed pages...


Interestingly, mainstream media was calling for the invasion of Myanmar because its military dictator wasn't allowing the US military to provide humanitarian assistance.

I am anticipating the upcoming elections. Any word on when the Iraqi elections will be? Before or after ours? It will be intresting to see if either has an effect on the other.


This is off subject...but Happy Father's Day!!....hope you can sit on your arse all day and smoke ceegars...you have earned it!

Donna, Los Osos, CA

Nail, meet Hammer...again!

God bless our Marines!


Hey Major, saw the following article in the New York Times yesterday, "Reporters Say Networks Put Wars on Back Burner"

I found the stats to be the most interesting. In the past six months of 2008, the three networks have shown 181 minutes of Iraq coverage - - compared with 1,157 minutes for all of 2007.

Afghanistan coverage has increased, 46 minutes in six months - - total in 2007 was 83 minutes.

Army moma (Paula)

Thank You for your blog

Army Moma

God Bless Are Troops We support you God Bless

Deborah C. from Texas

If Jane Fonda is going out to Iraq or Afghanistan. her press agent is asleep somewhere.
Brings back bad memories from Nam, and I was not impressed -- standing now there are enough flaming liberals who know nothing about the issues... ipodites, and forgetting the validity of sources.
If they have their way, lets see,
in the time frame they have decided on, the resurgence of Sadrists, rogue Pakistanis, Hezbollah (already in office in Lebanon, Taliban, etc. etc..) will have rushed back in Iraq --
and the death toll and collateral toll will be devastating.

Well, I guess that is what Obama wants.

Stay safe, Godspeed to you, your Amen...

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I have not idea if we still have troop in Iraq, but I would not prefer that, becuase a lot of soldiers are dying stupidly, and that's not fair for their families.

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