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December 03, 2007



Versatile and Valorous Marines! Thanks for the wonderful update, Maj P. You guys are awesome!!!!

dianna maxwell

It is a darned shame the papers don't print things like this letter.
Our military has done such an excellent job both militarily and on a person to person level with the Iraqi people.
This young man is not only articulate he has a good grasp on the war.
With gratiude to our Military


Despite an enormous anti-US feeling toward the cut and run Europe, the Web has became the new counter-power for Europeans concerned about the War on Terror, the triumph of the idea of freedom and for all the Europeans who deeply admire President George W. Bush and see him as a new Ronald Reagan.

Just take a look on this blog :

Let a message under the article ("commentaires) to support Republican revolution in Europe. It certainly needs a lot of courage to refuse political correctness and US hatred and to look for the truth about the USA and the party of conscience.

Donna, Los Osos, CA

God bless our Marines! I shake my head in wonder..where do we get such men, and why are we so blessed to have them!? Thank God for them every day.


I am so happy to have found this web site. It's a real encouragement to read a letter like this one. I think that cadets like myself need to hear stuff like this more often. It revives that feeling of pride in our boys. God bless Marines!


Thank you for this story, and for everything You and the Marines do to keep us safe here at home.
Your devotion to this country is deeply appreciated by Myself and my Family.
Steve Tammy and Katie

Karen I

This is very encouraging to say the least. I would much rather read this in the media than have celebrity so-called news mixed in the news ad nauseum instead of on the entertainment show where they belong, if there. Thank God for blogs like yours, Major.I am full of gratitude for this young man and his brothers and sisters around the world. His Dad can be very proud of him.


this hyperlink does not work.


Awesome! I never believe the ridiculous media, they're just a bunch of clowns. You Marines rock! God bless each and every one of you and please remember that there are still many patriotic Americans supporting you all. CRUSH THE ENEMY!!

CT Ace Troop Supporter

MAJ B, We are Thinking of Our Military as the Holiday approaches.
Take care.


Hey Happy Birthday (tomorrow!)
Enjoy the Holidays!

CT Ace Troop Supporter

A very Happy Birthday MAJ B and many more, Take care.


Major Pain....
Happy Birthday!!!
I'm sure America will join me and salute you on this very special day..
You are the very best!
We are all looking forward to your in country blogs...
Also, Merry Christmas my friend.


Hope you had a happy birthday. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too. Did not send you a Christmas card this year because I don't know your current location.

Taco Bell

Happy Birthday Brother!!! How's it feel to be 30?? Again and again? ha!! I hope you get a nice steak tonight for your birthday.
Semper Fi,

Barbara from Ca

Thanks for posting this letter and happy birthday to you Major. Hope the remainder of this day is a good one for you- wherever you are today. Merry Christmas !!

MissBirdlegs in AL

A belated Happy Birthday, Major!

Came by to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas wherever you are!

Karen I.

A very happy birthday to you, Major, and a very safe Christmas to you and your family and Marines and our troops around the world.

linda s.

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas! Hope all is well with you!

CT "Ace" Troop Supporter

Merry Christmas to MAJ B and to All of his family.

Karen I

Happy New Year, Major and everyone.Keep safe, too.

CT "Ace" Troop Supporter

Here's to a Great New Year to All Our Military members.

Big Bob

Awesome! Thank you for sharing it with us. God bless you all and know that you are in our prayers back here in the world.

linda s.

Happy Birthday, Major B! Stay safe!

jo ann williams

Thank you Marine........and thank the people who raised a Marine !!


Good news indeed...especially for those of us who are looking at yet another deployment for a loved one.


Great news Major. How are you now? I know you are busy but how about a post now and then to let us know you are fine?


Ex-navy, myself in the first gulf war,, glad you guys are finishing what should have been finished then. A world of thanx. I sleep well at night just knowing we have more brave men fighting for my freedoms now like I did. GOD BLESS!!! and come home safe


Hope you are very busy kicking the ememy's butt and are well and doing fine! Thanks for the wonderful blog. It is quiet kewl.
Thank you for all you and the Marines do to keep us safe and defend freedom.


Hope you are very busy kicking the ememy's butt and are well and doing fine! Thanks for the wonderful blog. It is quiet kewl.
Thank you for all you and the Marines do to keep us safe and defend freedom.

Joe from New Hampshire

Semper fi Major!!

I'm so glad and so damn PROUD of our fighting forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am an Army Vietnam veteran who still feels to this day that the liberal media and the bleeding heart crybabies of the 60's made it so that over 58,000 of my comrades died for nothing! If it takes my dying breath, it won't happen this time!! When the mission is done, Then and only then can we depart. Your upbeat post makes me think that we are getting closer to that day. You have this Americans heart felt THANK YOU! Please pass it along to your men and women.

One more thing; could I possible have your permission to have this post printed in the local media?

Joe (a John McCain supporter).

CT "Ace" Troop Supporter

Hope All the Packages to You and your Guys are making it quickly from All the Great Troop Supporters who requested your name over at The last request count was 91 in just less than a week's time.
You are going to have a "Marine Mart" over there very soon :) Great Job to All the Supporters!
Have a Good Weekend to You and Your Unit.
Take care.

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