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Third times a charm


Sorry for the occasional lapse in the blog, however, I am deploying again and am a bit busy training, getting way too many shots and revisiting some parts of the US I haven’t seen for awhile. I will try to keep everyone advised and once in country you will know it as I begin posting the usual combat posts again. Keep checking back and remember, its only one Marine’s view. Semper Fi

Medal of Honor to Lt Murphy-Afghanistan

Lt_murphy A Navy SEAL from Long Island who was killed while leading a reconnaissance mission deep behind enemy lines in Afghanistan will receive the nation's highest military award for valor _ the Medal of Honor, President Bush announced Thursday.

Lt. Michael P. Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, is the first armed forces service member to receive the Medal of Honor for combat in Afghanistan, the Navy said Thursday. The medal is the nation's highest military award for valor in action against an enemy force.

Two Medals of Honor have been awarded posthumously in the Iraq war: Marine Cpl. Jason Dunham, who was killed in 2004 after covering a grenade with his helmet; and Army Sgt. 1st Class Paul R. Smith, who was killed in 2003 after holding off Iraqi forces with a machine gun before he was killed at the Baghdad airport.

President Bush will present the Medal of Honor to Murphy's parents at a White House ceremony on Oct. 22

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Did anyone in S.F. tell the Blue Angels they weren't liked?

Ba Snoozing fishermen and pleasure boats got a rare treat (or the shock of their lives – depends on whether they saw them coming) when the US Navy Blue Angels made a high-speed pass over San Francisco Bay last weekend. Formed in 1946, the Blue Angels mission is to enhance Navy and Marine Corps' recruiting efforts and represent the naval service to the US and foreign nations. Basically, they’re professional show-offs. And to clarify: that puff of water vapor means he’s just gone supersonic. Fly-by here for more Blue Angels images

CHUCK links to OMV


MR Chuck Norris has been a huge supporter of all American military forces around the world and probably the biggest star to give some love to the troops. When he is in



he always makes a special trip to the wounded and to honor the Marines. On his web page today he links to OMV and the special use of women in combat. Just another example that we truly are one team, one fight. Thanks Chuck. Read his blog entry here.

Additional true facts about chuck…………..they fit Marines as well below

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