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YOUR THOUGHTS ON THESE ADS? or havent you seen them?

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Carried over from POWERLINE

MSNBC, CNBC Refuse to Run Pro-War Ads

We wrote here about the television commercials that Freedom's Watch has produced, featuring veterans and their families, that urge Congress and the public to continue supporting the Iraq war. The commercials are well done, and convey the simple message that the Iraq war is important and winnable, and that we should allow our troops to see the mission through. The ads are appearing in the context of a blizzard of anti-war ads by left-wing groups, intended to pressure Senators and Congressmen into pulling the plug on the Iraq effort.

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Cav RoundUp

This is a great news agency "in country" who is telling the stories not being heard.

This edition features stories on a parking garage bomb and this week's Moment of Valor. Hosted by Army Sgt. Scott Pittillo (Click on the left to pause the music to listen to the interview) .Download DOD_100006964.mp3

Celebration of Life Honors Fallen Contra Costa County Firefighters


It can be easy to see a servicemember in uniform and approach them to say “Thanks”. Don’t forget those heroes at home that you may take for granted. If you have forgotten 9-11 then don’t forget the number of Firefighters who lost their lives that day(343). Below is a recent story we shouldn’t forget! Here is to all of the heroes in the states, don’t let it take a tragedy to make you want to thank them! Semper Fi-Maj Pain

Two devoted family men who wore a "permanent smile" and loved their fire service lives were remembered Friday at a "Celebration of Life" Memorial in Concord.

Contra Costa County firefighters Matthew Burton and Scott Desmond gave their lives in the line of duty July 21st in a rescue attempt during a devastating house fire in San Pablo that also took the lives of two citizens. "It's appropriate that this is a 'Celebration of Life' because nobody knew how to celebrate life better than Matt and Scott," said an emotional Ron Walker, President of Contra Costa County Professional Firefighters Local 1230. "When you were with them, you knew two things -- one, that they'd be smiling, and the other, that they'd make you smile, too."

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Marine Sgt. Jeff Hunter

This is only one of many stories that are being written but never told in the news.

“I honestly don’t believe I did anything all that heroic,” Sgt. Jeff Hunter told Military.com when asked about his Silver Star. That’s a common refrain among American warriors serving in combat zones, but for those who served with Hunter during two intense fights, it’s a dramatic understatement.

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Maj Pain

We own the night

This is what you SHOULDN'T do when Apache helicopters are flying in your area at night. The bad guys turned on their infra red sights and the Americans saw it. The fast burr sound, with broken light coming down on the target is a mini gun firing 6000 rounds a minute at the knuckle heads.
Have a good day! (Thanks Dave)

Inside Iraq

I spent a week in Iraq recently, and here's what impressed me most: the Americans. In particular, the quality and character of the American soldiers and Marines who are fighting there and trying to help rebuild the nation. I don't mean to slight, in some ethnocentric way, the steadfastness and courage of the Iraqi people.

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Statements from Lt. Gen. James Mattis (Haditha)

August 9, 2007
Statement from Lt. Gen. James Mattis concerning his decision to drop all charges against Capt. Randy Stone in the Haditha murder case. The Marine Corps released his remarks Thursday:

"I have thoroughly reviewed and considered all of the evidence surrounding the Haditha incident and Captain Stone's conduct with respect to command reporting of and response to the incident. It is clear to me that any error of omission or commission by Captain Stone does not warrant action under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

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