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If you dont like America, Russia is that way!

Banner For all of those bags of dog crap out there so full of energy to protest this country, the leadership and its heroes, you need to take a lesson from the recent “anti-war” demonstration in DC.
Regardless how the Communist News Network portrayed it or only showed pics of the weak side of things, it was a strong showing that America is still America
and although you are free to say what you want, you better not disrespect those who have died for that right. Perhaps you should listen to how the below was written. I will give you one recommendation; it would be unadvisable to not stand during the National Anthem in sight of me. I will take corrective action.

(Thanks Dave H)

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Gathering of Eagles


St Patrick’s Day began early with temps of 32 and wind chill creating temps into the high teens and 20s.  But the night before at Walter Reed Hospital, snow covered the ground and Troop supporters out numbered the “Pinkos” 3 to 1 and of course they left early because it was too chilly for their tootsies.

When I arrived at the Viet Nam Memorial at 0930 there was easily 9,000 supporters there and maybe 500 “idiots” milling around. Then one of “them” handed me one of their prefabricated mass produced “traitor” signs as if I wanted to carry the shit stick, I broke it over my knee and threw it to his feet. He got the point.

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Make a difference!

On Saturday, March 17 -- St. Patrick's Day -- there is a march planned in Washington, D.C., that has nothing whatsoever to do with Blessed Patrick.
Instead, as reported by columnist Michelle Malkin: "On that day, well-funded celebrity-studded anti-war groups plan to march to the Pentagon, on a protest route that will take them past the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and climax in calls for immediate withdraws of our troops from Iraq, destruction of America's global military machine, shutdown of the enemy combatant detention facilities at Guantanamo Bay and impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney (plus an end to 'colonial occupation' in Palestine, Haiti and everywhere 'for good measure')."
The last time this anti-war mob assembled in our nation's capital:

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The_wall_at_sunrise1 The Wall

(to Demonstrators)

How much more do you want of us? We wait here in dismay as you plan to disrupt our serenity, your placards screaming of ‘Peace’. Don’t you know there is no war here – only blessed release from the pain and agony of our journey to this hallowed place? Don’t sully it with your anger – do not demean it with your slogans. Here, there is commiseration, not turmoil, solace, not confrontation. Take your anger to those who caused it.

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Iraqi Army takes reigns on Fallujah patrols

070215m8118miareigns1low Caption: A patrol of both Iraq soldiers and Marines patrol through the streets of Iraq. The Iraqi Army"s 1st Brigade, 2nd Battalion, 1st Division patrolled its area of operation recently to gather intelligence for future operations. The IA was supported by a fire team of Marines from a Military Transition Team during the patrol. The purpose of the patrol was to gather intelligence from several stores along one of the most dangerous streets Fallujah has to offer. (photos by Lance Cpl. Stephen McGinnis)

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Just a heads up. Anarchist and communist groups plan to spray paint the Vietnam wall and the Pentagon.

From a far left website:

"Anti-authoritarian bloc on the 17th? Author: A Date Created: 06 Mar 2007

About the demo on March 17th:

People who are planning a black bloc, youth bloc, SDS bloc or something like that should announce it so more than 10 people can join in and make it worthwhile.

Comments Re: Anti-authoritarian bloc on the 17th? 06 Mar 2007 by DAAWN

Come to NCOR there should be folks getting together there to plan stuff! It will be announced we just need to plan stuff!

Re: Anti-authoritarian bloc on the 17th? 06 Mar 2007 by dylan

bring some paint so we can spray the wall. "


OUR RESPONSE.......Hope they have good medical care...............

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Lar RAWAH, IRAQ—The Marines of the 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, 2nd Marine Division, from Camp Lejeune, N.C., operate in several strategic regions of Rawah, Iraq.  Their area of operations is in the northern sector of Iraq’s Al Anbar Province, the designated area of Multi-National Force – West and the current home of the Second Marine Expeditionary Force (forward).

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