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Glenn Beck

Taken from Glenn Beck-Thanks bj

BECK: You know, I read something earlier this weekend that really disturbed me. It was this anti-war rally in Washington, D.C. A protester reportedly spit on an Iraq war veteran. This is a guy who risked his life. He lost a limb in the name of his country.

Let me be clear. Have we learned nothing from Vietnam? You know, before the Iraq war started, I organized a tour around the country called "The Rally for America". Liberal media marked it as a war rally. It wasn`t. It was a rally for our troops. It was a time for us to get together and promise each other something.

Tens of thousands of people came from all around the country. We were there to make a promise to ourselves and to our troops. And it is a promise that I stand by today, and I believe you do, as well.

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Mail CAMP BAHARIA, Iraq(Jan. 27, 2007) – A letter from a loved one sprayed with perfume; a drawing from a young child; an envelope bearing the first glimpse of a new-born are items Marines desire to receive, lifting their spirits and bringing home a memory away.

Marines anxiously await letters and packages to fuel them with the motivation to carry on while home is far away and out of reach to the leathernecks in Al Anbar Province, Iraq.

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Check out his story from Cpl Seamus.

It is by a Sports Illustrated writer, Rick Riley, who took a ride in a
Navy F-14.

Thanks Jack,

Below is an  article written by Rick Reilly of Sports Illustrated. He
details his  experiences when given the opportunity to fly in a F-14
Tomcat.  If  you aren't laughing out loud by the time you get to "Milk
Duds," your  sense of humor is seriously broken.

Someday you may be invited to fly in the back-seat  of one of your
country's most powerful fighter jets.  Many of you  already have . John
Elway, John Stockton, Tiger Woods to name a few.   If you get this
opportunity, let me urge you, with the greatest  sincerity...

Move to  Guam.

Change your  name. 

Fake your  own death! 

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Demost_idiot I had to work this weekend but of course I couldn’t help but see the bags of ass that decided to demonstrate against the Iraqi war in front of the nations capital this weekend. Singing coomby ya, I thought I was watching a bunch of want to be idiots from the sixties…………wait a minute, I was.

Although the country may be divided, I think it just shows how many people have no clue what is going on in Iraq right now. Along with the increasing use of surface to air missiles (characteristic of supply from Iran) it just goes to show that we need to crank up the holy hell machine and take care of things as the President stated in the State of the Union. (which John Kerry was the first to leave from as he rudely pushed people out of his way like the building was on fire………wow)

Its amazing how so many can put up the effort on a Sat morning and travel to the middle of Wash DC for a sit in, when they cant take 10 min and send some troops a care pkg. Kinda sums it up.

I like the quote I heard from one of their “speakers” on TV. “ I don’t support this demonstration but just want to see the war end”

Genius! I don’t know who is a more of a threat, Haji with an RPG or these thick skulled mongos.

I’ll have a cigar and think it over!
Semper Fi
Maj Pain

If you dont back us, feel free to get in front of us.

If there has ever been a time when your support is crucial for the success for your troops it is now. Through different outcomes and events in theater, your troops are taking action that will make a difference in the near future. If you have been on the fence or have wavered, you had better cinch up and get on the team for the win. Support your troops!

Geopolitical Diary: Al-Sadr's Calculus

Some 25 U.S. troops in Iraq were killed in a single day this weekend,
making it the third bloodiest since the war began. Also, Muqtada al-Sadr
announced he was ending his boycott of parliament and that he was
therefore rejoining the political process. There is not a direct
connection between these two events, but there is a connection

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From a medic in Iraq.

From a medic in Iraq.

Following the article I sent about Bush's national address and troop
increase, I thought it was a good idea to let you all know what the
perspective is over here. I'm tired of hearing the media's skewed
version, the politicians squabbling over what they read in a report, and
the average ill-informed American ranting about things he knows NOTHING

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Troops can win with your help!


There is this military blogger contest my friend emailed me about.

Bloggers can win up to $2,500 in our
“Best Military Blog” Contest.

We are awarding prize money for the top 10 military blogs according to our visitors. Total prize money for the contest is over $5,000.

I don’t know if it’s not more of a website populator for business but go vote and if I win we will donate it to AnySoldier.com Click here for the voting page. Taco


is on there as well. What could it hurt??

From the Warrior........

My name is SSG Michael L.Muir U.S.ARMY  as i just wanted to tell my story.Im in B/Co 2-6INF out of Baumbolder Germany as was delpoyed over in Iraq for a second tour as on July 18th of 2006 was doing are everyday patrol and my job or my Mos is 11B.We had gone into alot of house that day in Ramadi,Iraq and were doing alot of meet and greets and getting to know some people as we were doing that for about 3-4 weeks.

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Which are you?

Marine_finger The picture displays yet another sheepdog.....

By LTC(RET) Dave Grossman, RANGER, Ph.D.,author of "On Killing."

Honor never grows old, and honor rejoices the heart of age. It does so
because honor is, finally, about defending those noble and worthy
things that deserve defending, even if it comes at a high cost. In our time, that
may mean social disapproval, public scorn, hardship, persecution, or as always,
even death itself. The question remains: What is worth defending? What is worth
dying for? What is worth living for? - William J. Bennett - in a lecture to the
United States Naval Academy November 24, 1997

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