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August 02, 2006



You guys are teaching them right. It's little wonder the Iraqis are taking over more and more of their own security every day.

Well done!

Douglas V. Gibbs

It's just a matter of time before they finally finish getting it all together - - as long as the people with the right agenda doesn't fall for anymore radical BS from the terrorist whackos.

Laura, Marine mom from Ohio

The stronger the Iraqi army gets the sooner our guys can come home. Thanks for the update, the papers print less & less on the Iraq war. Stay strong Marines & keep attacking!


Let's hope they can secure their own country soon. Thanks for posting this. As Douglas says, the papers are printing less and less. What's even more amazing, people seem to not care that we're in a fight for our very existance.

Mrs. Diva

Just heard from one of 'my guys' there yesterday. He says the Iraqi's are coming along pretty well and our guys are excited about the progress.

Laura, Marine mom from Ohio

Thanks Mrs. Diva, this just made my day!

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