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On the 29th Rumsfeld spoke at Fallon Air Station. During a question-and-answer session, Rumsfeld said “the one thing that keeps him up most at night is the manipulation of the media by terrorists”.  He says it bothers him how clever the enemy is. You know something? He’s right. You’ve known it for some time, how the media likes to put their spin on things and make the USA look like the bad guy all the time. Its easy for them, they are protected by the rights the warriors deployed are protecting! You say it can be! The media are Americans! You say they always “sell” the truth?? Look below, I beg to differ!

As mentioned before the scumbags are always willing to point out how Americans kill innocent civilians and the bone head media goes right with along with it. The facts are that the scumbags have killed thousands if not more innocent Muslims and yes hundreds of women and children!

Have you ever heard the media call the enemy “terrorists” or how about dirt bag scumbags? Nope you hear them use terms like “militants, radicals, gunmen and even freedom fighters." These are American reporters, not German or other foreign country reporters, American, the same country that had its people in NY attacked by these guys! They had rather spend numerous man hours finding dirt on an ill fated service members return from Iraq than help push a positive theme about our country and the war. We are at war you know and if it weren’t for the media, we might be light years ahead in the fight against terrorism!

Capt B sends.

(Remind self to get Rumsfeld a cigar)



To all of the service members who read this, you better have your trash in one bag come election time.  There is no greater obligation to help direct the very thing you fight to protect. I am not trying to persuade you who to vote for but how. Get with your chain of command and demand an absentee voting opportunity. There is one out there, go find it!! If you don’t like this or that about what ever branch you volunteered for, tuff, you volunteered, suck it up cupcake! But if you want a say in what your government does for you then get moving and do something about it. No bitching if you don’t vote. (and that goes for non military people as well)  That is all.



Cigar time!

“I can't thank you guys enough for giving me the freedom to vote and I don't want any of you all to miss that same opportunity to have your voices heard!”
Thank you so much!
A Rose By Any Other Name



I wonder if we will get ambushed tonight. I wonder if the American people have forgotten about us. I wonder if that Iraqi kid knows I’m really trying to help him. I wonder what it will be like to have a real steak when I get home. I wonder if we will get another sand storm tonight.

I don’t care if we get attacked tonight, tomorrow or anytime. We are ready and are trained to kick their ass up and down the street and we will do it every day if they want to go that way. Matter of fact its them that are saying “ I wonder if we are going to get attacked again”, not us. The American people support us and care about us unlike the past wars and they show it by care packages and letters and those little ribbons on their cars. They know we are doing good things here, even those that say “we support you but not the war”……….whatever that means. That Iraqi kid can go to school now since we extracted the thugs that were using his house as a command post and his parents have jobs. Steak will taste even better when I get home because I’ve earned it. Sand storm??…………hell, we are in the middle of a desert; of course we will get another sand storm. There is no since in wondering. We know.



Want to make a difference? If not you than someone you know can help this “Army Joe”out! One person can make a difference. If you know a lawyer, friend, millionaire that can contribute, send them a link to this story. What’s the worse they can do??? Say no?? One team one fight!!!

I got your back “joe”

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Can you imagine this... a young soldier... (and a purple heart recipient) is called upon to serve his country.. twice... leaving behind a young wife and his children. While in Iraq, he hears of abuse allegations and he expresses his wishes and fears to social workers after his 9 year old daughter was hospitalized, only to be told he has no parental say so because he is not in this country, but told that "the wife is the custodial parent.... she is here" and he is expected to carry out his dangerous missions as he is wondering who is helping to protect his own children back home.

He returns from serving his country as soon as he can, and decides that he can't be the kind of father, a single parent,... that his children need if he were to remain in the military, so he gives up his 8 year career to go on unemployment and finally is able to find an $ 8.00 an hour job because the employers with higher paying jobs tell him that he is exactly what they look for and need, but it would be to costly to train him, especially when there are other applicants who are already trained in that field.

He tries to rent a home for them, but he is told he has too many people to live in their small house, or that he doesn't make enough money and that they have to look out for their own best interest.

He also tries to file for divorce and is told he can't do that either because you have to be a resident for 6 months and he had been gone for a year.... remind you again, doing what was asked of him, while serving his country. In the meantime, the wife files, and is then granted a divorce in Louisiana, yes, she filed first, he filed when he was finally allowed and he has never been served with any papers, notices or been notified of any hearings and yet, she is given her divorce and also custody of their children.

While all of this is going on, and over a year ago, the children are placed in the paternal grandmother's custody ... in Ohio and after the abuse allegations. The mother files for divorce and she receives free legal aid in both Ohio (which is where the soldier is from) and Louisiana (which is where the mother lived as a child). The soldier ends up having to pay thousands to be represented and is never even given a chance to give his side of the story to a judge. He and his children were never given the chance to speak to a judge in over a year of hearings.

On July 28th, his wife came to Ohio for a hearing, prepared to take her children home. The case was rescheduled for the next Monday. Again they never saw a judge, only a magistrate. It was an ugly scene at the courthouse in Ohio when the children learned they were going back with their mother, they were never going to be able to talk to the judge and explain why they are so frightened and what happened to them while in their mother's care... even though they tried on several occasions, they would just be expected to go with their mother and her live in boyfriend and go through even more abuse.

The now 10 year old screamed to please not make her go, don't let her sister and brother go. She is hysterical and cries that her mother said she would hurt her real bad if she told and now she would beat her again. Again nobody would listen to this child screaming for help. Instead she and her family were told that they had to leave, they were making a scene.

We are told it was because Ohio didn't have the jurisdiction over this soldier's children, this is also why they couldn't be appointed a guardian ad lidem. (If the state of Ohio didn't have jurisdiction over the children, then how could they grant the grandmother custody in the first place and then take it away?) They say because the kids hadn't lived here for 6 months before they were placed in their grandmother's custody, and only had been visiting for 3 months. Their father came to be with them as soon as he had chaptered out of the military. They attended school here for over a year and were doing great, they were involved in Girl Scouts and sports programs. They were happy and enjoying just being able to be kids.

This young man has paid every cent he has and then some to the attorneys here and in Louisiana, while trying to provide for his children since becoming a civilian. It has been very difficult and he is too proud to ask for your help, but we will. HE NEEDS YOU to now step up and help him defend and protect his own children. The funds collected will be used for helping him with the traveling expenses while he goes to Louisiana for court hearings and to see his kids, the attorney and legal fees, court costs, and the expenses of deposits and rents needed in getting them into their home. They have been staying with family. He does have a hearing date scheduled for the end of October/2006 in Louisiana.

There has been an account set up for this family in the name of V.O.I.C.E.S.; at Farmer's National Bank; 2910 Youngstown-Warren Rd.; Warren, OH 44484.

Anything at all that you can do would be greatly appreciated, it doesn't have to be much, and if you can't, that is also understood... maybe just sending a letter to show your support to V.O.I.C.E.S., Fluharty Family Support Benefit Fund, P.O. BOX 245, Newton Falls, Ohio 44444-0245. Maybe you can forward this or give this request to others who you think would be able to and willing to help.

Let's show this veteran soldier that, as Americans, we will stand up with him as he fights for his own children and let him know we do appreciate the sacrifices they have all made. Lets help his children make their V.O.I.C.E.S. heard and help their father in his fight to give them what they need and deserve. These are the Voices Of Innocent Children Ending Silence!,...their own silence!

It is terribly wrong what has happened to this family... we also ask that you please write your Congressmen and Legislators (Contacting the Congress) and ask them to help change the laws that make it possible to have our military men and women treated this way. There are many who have been going through similar situations and injustices since returning from serving their country. We owe them more than that!

As one police officer who couldn't believe this was happening to them has said " What a way for us to say 'thank you' for serving our country!"

We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for doing whatever you can, if you want verification that this is actually a true problem and not a scam, please contact gto417@aol.com and she will send you where you can find legal documentation on this or click HERE and HERE.

The Friends and Family of the Fluharty Family

(Note that this happens to be an ANYSOLDIER.COM contact SSG Bryan Fluharty)



Detainee Transfer Announced

The Department of Defense announced today that it transferred five detainees from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to Afghanistan. These detainees were all recommended for transfer due to multiple review processes conducted at Guantanamo Bay.

America’s Battalion’ helps turn Abu Ghraib Prison to Iraqi Army

ABU GHRAIB, Iraq(Aug. 25, 2006) -- Editor’s note: Maj. Riordan is the executive officer for 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment.

Marines are helping Iraqis take control of an infamous icon of their past.

Marines from “ America’s Battalion,” 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, are helping Iraqi soldiers set up their newest forward operation base at Abu Ghraib Prison. Iraqi Army soldiers are moving into the facility permanently as they continue to grow and expand their independent areas of operation.

RCT-5’s Headquarters Company makes trip to Hades and back


CAMP FALLUJAH, Iraq   2006) --

It was the mission from hell for Hades.

This week Hades Mobile, the security detachment for Headquarters Company, Regimental Combat Team 5, moved heaven and earth to safely escorted a series of Army convoys bearing 201 concrete “ Texas ” barriers from Ramadi to Fallujah. “Texas barriers are the sturdiest stuff you will find out here,” said Sgt. Austin Moore, the assistant convoy commander and a 22-year-old saxophonist in the 1st Marine Division Band from Claxton
Texas . “We know we’re going to protect people.”

“The barriers are needed for force protection in our area of operations. These will protect other Marines,” agreed Staff Sgt. Michael Maschmeier, the convoy commander and a 36-year-old euphonium musician in the 1st Marine Division Band from Eureka , Mo.

The barriers, more than 10-feet tall, cut imposing silhouettes. They were transported in Army logistics carriers. Marines manned Hades’ gun trucks stalking thoroughfares for insurgents and their weapon-of choice, improvised explosive devices.

“We’re here to provide security for you,” Maschmeier said to the soldiers repeatedly in his convoy briefs before each run.

The mission, however, soon proved to be a road paved through hell. Unexpected events crept into the plan and Hades Marines hurdled barriers nearly as tall as the ones they carried. Loading the massive concrete barriers took more finagling than anticipated and forced Marines to adapt their plans.

But Marines maintained their optimism, gritted their teeth and were prepared to step off whenever the barriers were properly loaded.

“I’ve got nowhere to go,” said Cpl. Daniel Rains, a 25-year-old armorer from Thorndale, Texas .
Marines took it all in stride. Delays, adjustments and improvising to complete the mission wasn’t something new for the Hades team, comprised of mostly Marine bandsmen. They do the same thing when they’re gearing up for a performance back at

Camp Pendleton.
“When we prepare for band commitments, we prepare for contingencies, so we are not surprised when they happen,” Maschmeier said. “Problems are going to happen.”


Sapi CAMP FALLUJAH, IraqCpl. Brandon L. Blair is a man who is thankful for his body armor.

Blair, from 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment’s Weapons Company, was hit in the chest by a sniper’s bullet. Any doubts he ever had about his enhanced small-arms protective insert not working disappeared in one quick moment. The plate did its’ job, and he’s alive to tell the story.

“Everyone needs to wear their protective gear,” said Blair, a 23-year-old vehicle commander from

Andrew, N.C.

“It will save your life. I’m a testament to that. I’m living proof.”

The E-SAPI was issued to Marines when they first arrived in Iraq . They are designed to stop nearly any small-arms bullet fired by insurgents. Marines complained about getting heavier SAPIs, but now many reconsidered their complaints.

“I think the extra weight is worth it,” said Cpl. Kurt M. Vogler, a 26-year-old administration clerk from

Ellicott City Md.“If Blair had the older SAPIs, he might be dead.”  Blair and other Marines from Weapons Company were conducting a vehicle checkpoint and security operations around a gas station near Gharmah. He was hit in the chest while waving a vehicle into the checkpoint.

His fellow Marines sprinted to action after he was hit. Marines parked humvees in front of Blair to shield him from anymore enemy fire.

Blair was hit with a 7.62 mm bullet, the same sized bullet fired from AK-47 assault rifles and insurgent sniper rifles. The E-SAPI stopped the round. The slug embedded in the plate, saving his life.

“It knocked me off my feet when it hit me,” Blair said. “As soon as it hit me, it hurt. It felt like a train hit me.”

Blair was transported to Camp Fallujah ’s trauma center immediately after the incident. Doctors examined him and told him he had two fractured ribs.



Many warriors blogging in theater and in the states want to tell you like it is in their stories. However, they are bound to restrict their entries due to the “enemy” looking in as well. I had a couple of unique emails and comments in Iraq sent to my acnt from Iraqi’s…..or so they said they were. They were actually near the area I was stationed and attempting to obtain intel on our unit. Keep in mind the “blogger” in country may not be able to say everything and that’s for a very good reason. As well as a viewer, you have the obligation to restrict personnel information, names home town’s deployment dates etc that you may know about a particular service member. If you like, I have numerous scanners, filter programs for emails and comments ever since my last computer issue. Think, write, review and keep in mind operational security (OPSEC). Keep the specifics off the web. The life you save could be your own.

Keep Attacking

Capt B


The Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office (DPMO) today announced three airmen missing in action from World War II have been identified and are being returned to their families for burial with full military honors.

They are 2nd Lt. David J. Nelson, Chicago, Ill.; Tech. Sgt. Henry F. Kortebein, Maspeth, N.Y.; and Tech. Sgt. Blake A. Treece Jr., Marshall, Ark., all U.S. Army Air Forces. These men are to be buried along with group remains of their aircrew at Arlington National Cemetery near Washington, D.C. on Thursday.
Welcome home Warriors!!
Semper Fi
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