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I have been in the process of moving (watch out) Its amazing how hard it is to get movers to get your things from one place to another without crushing them. 

While the 4th of July holiday is approaching I’ve found many people have no idea what the holiday represents! So while you enjoy your cigar see if you can answer the below questions, sadly, many cannot. This is another reason if I ever got out of the military, the school system could stand the hell by!!

1) What does the 4th of July holiday celebrate?

2) Who did America succeed from and get their independence from?

3) What is the significance of the “Liberty Bell”?

It’s a sad time when our kids and adults don’t know our own history.


Robert Dorr’s recent Colum in the Marine Corps Times suggests that the POW/MIA flag is out of date and reflects out of date imagery that should be retired.  His opinion of the imagery is that it is counter productive and has out lived its usefulness. Service members who become separated from their units or evading the enemy can’t survive without ht mere hope of being found. Their hope finds strength in that their country will come looking for them. That they are not forgotten and that won’t stop looking for them. This also applies to our family members as a constant reminder that POW/MIA will constantly be sought after. The biggest factor to us while fighting in Iraq was that we had the very best medical attention waiting for us if we were wounded. We weren’t afraid of getting hurt because we knew America’s best was waiting for us if we were wounded. Following that the best combat multiplier was that if were in trouble, help was on the way. We called it “Dads coming”. It came from the top brass and it worked great. If we got into a big shit sandwich or got separated from our unit we knew Dad was coming. This happened when a sniper from 3/25 was separated and detained by the enemy. The Marines brought everything they had to the town where he was last seen. It was cordoned off so quickly that the enemy had no choice but to give the Marine up. Unfortunately he expired before they decided to release him from previous wounds in an earlier gunfight. The fact is that the Marine knew dad was coming for him and after 30 aircraft, multiple special Ops teams and a Battalion of Marines swamped the small town near Haditha the enemy didn’t want to be caught with the wounded Marine. That’s the same kind of positive reinforcement the POW/MIA flag instills for service members who are still MIA from Viet Nam and recent wars. Granted the Muj doesn’t have too many enemy watch towers in position but who wants to flay a flag with hooded scumbags on it ready to be head a service member?


Where are the leftest whiners now? Where are the Murtha’s, Sheehans and  Kerry human right protectors now? Now that two soldiers have been captured, tortured and killed, why aren’t the above raising holy lightening now about them and the loss of their human rights?

The first time we take out an additional scumbag we get senators on the front page of papers complaining that our service members are killers and then cartoonist make accusations about things they have now idea about.

But one of our own gets captured or killed without any consideration of the Geneva Convention by the enemy and the lefthanging bedwetters don’t say a word. God help us when a German shepherd barks at a scumbag being held at Gitmo.

Its amazing what some will do for votes………who’s side are these people on?

Insurgent attacks no match for Marines’ resolve



In the afternoon of June 3, outside the Marines forwarding operating base located in the violent city of Haqlaniyah , three insurgents armed with automatic rifles and wearing face masks opened fire on Marines working in front of the barrier-laden base.

The Marines returned fire and two minutes later, another squad of Marines flooded the streets outside the forward operating base in this city of 15,000 and launched an overwhelming counter-attack that left two of the three insurgents dead within 10 minutes.

The attack came on the heels of a previous attack less than a month ago when the Marines from Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment observed several armed insurgents around an abandoned hotel and attempted to disarm them. The insurgents ran into an abandoned hotel and returned fire from shattered windows. The assault ended hours later when military aircraft leveled the building with precision-guided munitions.

All the insurgents inside were eliminated and no Marines were injured.



I Just wanted to give you an update on the donations thus far. Currently we have hit the $2,000 mark and going strong. I can’t begin to thank all of you enough for all of your donations. FYI-a single page ad in the NYT during a weekday is 97,000, (Im sooo in the wrong line of work) How many deployments is that for me? Any way the NYT might be a stretch. I’m getting to like the idea of taking the ad out in the

Arizona Republic newspaper. Let’s see if he gives me an interview……….ha!

Keep attacking and if you haven’t told someone about this mission to donate………….YOURE WRONG!!

Semper Fi

Capt B


Are you tired of hearing the media badger the military? Do you want to send a message to all of the service members fighting the war on terrorism?  We are planning to purchase a full page ad in a major paper to support our troops before July 4th. I’m open for slogans so if you’re tired of blow hearts bad mouthing your Marines, people accusing before being tried, then do something about it. Otherwise you have no room to talk. If you support this idea, let me know in the comments. Give your recommendations for a slogan, newspaper to submit it in and just how you feel. If we get enough support, I’ll make it happen.

Click on the “donate button” for cigars on the right. If you want to donate for the Support our troops” Ad simply put the word "Ad" or "Paper Ad" following your name when you make your donation.

Capt B OUT

COMBAT UPDATE-Darkhorse Marines engage enemy in Habbaniyah

CAMP HABBANIYAH, Iraq -- Marines of I Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment engaged insurgents in direct firefights twice in three days at Observation Post Bears along a main route through the city.

The battalion recently built new observation posts along the highway connecting Fallujah and Ramadi, an area near the Euphrates River with no distinct city lines or local government.

Pfc. Matthew Donnelly, an infantryman attached to I Company, was standing post when the first attack broke out June 10th.

“The next thing I know machine guns start opening up on the posts, including mine,” said the 19-year-old from Salem, Ore. “I got down and got my weapon to start shooting.”

Most of the Marines in the house were resting when the attack started, preparing for such an occasion. Bullet ricochets and rocket-propelled grenades broke their slumber.

“I was sitting down listening to my music when suddenly I hear rounds impacting and bouncing off the wall,” said Lance Cpl. Nicholas Garlich, an infantryman from Kansas City, Kan. “I put on my gear and ran to the post at the north and an RPG hit the window. I was inside the room by myself. I got a little wound on my arm.”

After a quick bandage was applied to his left shoulder, Garlich ran to the rooftop to join the rest of the Marines already returning fire with their M-16’s and one special surprise – a shoulder-launched multi-purpose assault weapon.

“The Marines fired a SMAW and the enemy went away,” Donnelly said. “They called in an air strike and the tanks helped out. They blew up the house they were shooting from.”

Everything was quiet on OP Bears until dusk two days later.

Donnelly was asleep downstairs when the enemy came back to the house with RPGs and a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device. A blast quickly opened his eyes.

“I got up and ran for my flak,” he said. “They laid a heavy suppression while the VBIED snuck up on us.”

He got a step out of the room when the vehicle exploded and knocked him off his feet. The insurgent driver killed himself in the attack.

“I saw the door blow open and it looked like slow motion,” Garlich said. “The windows blasted out and everyone tried to get on their gear as fast as possible.”

The fighting lasted all of ten minutes until the insurgents were driven away. Two Marines were injured and were rushed down the road to a nearby position for a helicopter medical evacuation. One Marine was still alert and able to stand, but both needed medical attention.

Navy Seaman Brandon Van Wagoner, a hospital corpsman for K Company, was waiting and ready with a stretcher. He only had moments to treat the Marines before they were flown to Camp Taqaddum for follow-on treatment.

“As soon as we got him strapped in, the helicopter was landing,” said the 20-year-old from Fostoria, Mich. “It was the fastest air support I’ve ever seen.”

“He looked all right, but pretty shaken up,” added Navy Seaman Enoch Sitzo, a hospital corpsmen for I Company. “We didn’t have time to do a really thorough assessment, but they took him to TQ really fast, so he’s in good hands.”

Within a span of minutes, additional air support finished off the insurgents’ position down the road with an earth-shaking explosion.

“We dropped a 500-pound bomb and leveled a building,” Donnelly said. “When I heard the missile going overhead, I opened my mouth, plugged my ears and felt the house shake. It was very loud.”

The battalion recently shifted its area of operation west into Habbaniyah after five months of relative peace near Fallujah and Amiriyah. Like many Marines, Garlich has mixed feelings about his first heavy combat experience.

“To tell you the truth we were hoping for a fight, but when rounds are coming downrange, the whole scenario changes,” he said. “The second one was definitely more nerve-racking than the first because a few people got hurt.”

Marines since returned to their companies, expecting a full recovery from their concussions.

“At the time we didn’t know how bad they were, so we were worried for them,” Garlich said. “It was one of those experiences you wish would never happen again, but in a way you do, because we kicked some ass.”


Mr Benson

Im sure you thrive on this type of publicity although its only type you receive but the way I see things, you are the one, guilty until proven innocent. Yes, you are guilty of treason and disrespecting every US service ember fighting for the free world or who has ever fought for the free world. You make haste by making a cartoon about something you know nothing about.

I’ve fought in Afghanistan and Iraq. I’ve seen Islamist groups give their trials without a fair hearing much as you have done. But the fact is you only try to stir things up with half the info and then speculate on the rest that you won’t ever know or understand. So, I recommend you do like Bill Roggio and volunteer to go to Iraq and Afghanistan to get the facts straight. However, you won’t do this because you rather sit and do your 30 min of sketching on subjects that someone told you about. That’s ok I guess since you’ve probably topped out on your pay opportunities in your line of work anyway.

I challenge you to do another cartoon about the Marines your offended but make it an apology. I even say send it to their commands with an apology. I know you won’t because you won’t admit you are wrong and yes, you are wrong. May I ask if you have ever served in any branch of the military? Boy Scouts? Anything that contributed to the continuing process of protecting the free world? Anything at all?  No stevey cartooning doesn’t count. So what I recommend is find a way into combat. Suck it up sweet pea because if your gonna talk the talk you better walk the walk. .If you don’t go into harms way then it may be to my advantage. Yes, I happen to have a trip planned for Arizona in the very oh so dog gone near future. GUESS where Im coming to visit? Yes you!

I want you to be a guest speaker on my Reveille Radio. Of course you will be following Cpl Pack who was shot to hell and back numerous times and a couple other hero’s but hey you got the inside track, the no shit gauge on Marines, right? Perhaps you could explain them to me in my interview. Plus I have some advertising questions about a one page ad I might be purchasing in your news paper!

Semper Fidelis

”see you soon”

Capt B

Guilty until proven innocent


Why have I had enough? Because of crap like this joker keeps putting in the paper. Cover up? Really what facts does he have that there was a cover up? I was there; let’s hear who he has gotten his facts from. Want to give our little buddy a piece of your mind?

Paulette N emails me this: How can you say you support the troops if you tear them down in the media? GREAT POINT!!!! Because the arnt supporting us, one bit!

Here is his email address. Lets fill his email account with what we think………..Post your emails to him in the comments for all to share, I’ve had enough of this crap and this is one of the main reasons behind our “Had Enough” ad! Support your troops!!

Capt B – OUT

Here is the jokers email address: