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THE BREAK (Afghanistan I) This

THE BREAK (Afghanistan I) This is a story I remember from my tour in Afghanistan a few months prior coming to Iraq. It’s a look back as these events which you may find interesting. From time to time I will cover the Afghanistan experiences as well. I hope you enjoy them.

We ended a busy and tuff cordon and knock mission that lasted about 2 weeks. Usually we spent 2-3 weeks out and then one back at out FOB (Forward Operating Base) We did get about 4 days off to clean gear and relax but then the next mission was sent to us. It was an easy going mission and the Marines could use the break to tell you the truth.

Our mission was based to provide security around a particular voting center within providence and additionally provide a MEDCAP (Medical capabilities) center aka first aide. As we departed for a reconnaissance flight over the village we observed the route we would take and identified any problem spots that lie ahead. The flight was quick and as we approached the valley that had our location the medium sized village had about four to five hundred armed men dressed in the traditional man dresses with several of them holding AK 47s. As we flew over the area the men climbed onto buildings shaking their weapons at us. “Catfish” the pilot of the CH 46 Marine helo talked to me through the headset to verify our route along the way. As we passed over the village he asked “you guys are going into that village?” I replied yea, it’s a beautiful country isn’t it? We then departed to resist gun and RPG fire and began our return to KAF (Kandahar Air Field). With the mountains tops prevailing over us the helo snaked through the area as the crew chiefs manned their weapons as scumbags could actually be at higher terrain than us and shoot down to hit the helo.

Concluding planning a full Company of Marines departed for our village by the means of 7-Ton trucks. These trucks are awesome and can drive over just about anything. They are fairly new to the Marine inventory and we use them a lot. Packed full of Marines the IED threat wasn’t existent like it is in Iraq. Although armor protected us we would travel 6 hours in the fine dirt we called “Moon dust” to our village. The dirt was so fine it was like flour. You could wear scarf’s and goggles but you would still taste it. While traveling I liked to test fire all of the weapons in the convoy. Seventeen 7-Tons in this particular convoy. We stopped along a mountain that was about half mile away. After providing security we gave the command and began to fire everything from 9mm to 50 caliber weapons to test them before getting to far into Indian country (bad guy territory). After traveling to the village we arrived out side of it and had instructions to call the “tribal Leader” before we rolled in to have him meet us outside of town and then escort us in.
Everything is “Tribes” there. The tribesman is the big Kahuna and everybody does what he says. If we move into town with the tribesman everyone sees that and figures he set it up. NOT. But it gave him a chance to excel with his people. We called him on a cell phone and waited as spoke broken English to meet us at our point. He was late, an hour late and so we got tired of waiting and moved into town. We traveled to our preplanned area and began to set up a company defense although our mission was to secure the voting building and designate a safe place to bring doctors in and give free medical assistance. As the defense was set in and was inspected we needed to get eyes on the voting center. We were positioned on a mountain side in a three sixty formation overlooking the village by about a hundred yards. There were many tree orchards and mud huts. They have no electricity except for the generators they buy and power one or two huts. I took my hummer, two gun trucks with 50 cals and a 7-ton with 20 Marines. I didn’t know what I was getting into so I wanted to be ready for anything. Two other trucks with 50 cals mounted on them acted as a support by fire position to cover us with a range of aprx five kilometers. We had no air support to cover us during our movement. We departed late afternoon and the village was calm and the temps were cool. Taking interpreters with us “Terps” we moved to the toward town. It was a windy road and roads there are built for very small cars and donkey carts. My men were jumpy and we expected the worse. The round wound around a few small hills and we slowly passed a few Haji’s working on cars. We treated everyone as bad guys so we passed them but watched them. Moving down a hill into the village we began to reach greenery. Like Iraq everything lives next to the water (river). The dirt streets (there are NO paved streets in Afghani) began to narrow and the 7-ton had to slow as its giant wheel smashed the dirt. The road ended in the river and had to drive through it to the beginning of the road on the other side. The atmospherics of the people were all very nervous. We approached the village that was filled with vegetation and I radioed everyone to be ready for anything. Kids lined the road so that’s always a good sign. The vegetation stopped and opened to a small village and we were on its main street. It had several shops lining it on both sides and the streets could barley handle the vehicles. There were a lot of people out on the streets looking at us like they had never seen a vehicle before. (More to follow next time)

Today has been tough for some of the Battalions as they have taken some wounded but dished out more to the enemy. We had found a strange amount of IED throughout the area today. Usually we only find them when they explode. I guess the men are getting better seeing those like the enemy would and spotting them before we get close. Counter battery rang out again today but not as much as in the past. The Marine & Soldier teams are doing well keeping Haji off balance. With Ramadan closing we are entering into “Nights of Power” & Nights of Glory” where the scumbags get double their virgins if they die these last couple days of Ramadan. Just what we needed a two fer! We are ready for whatever they bring as always we expect the worst.

LOVED ONE You are introduced

LOVED ONE You are introduced to a new environment. Its surrounding brings fear of the unknown and caution around each corner. You are taking on a new job a new task. The environment is quiet, unknown, and scary. Sadness and worry overflow as you put space between you and your loved ones. You know you have to be strong as everyone is counting on you. Once you get the hang of it you begin to get in a rhythm. You learn everyday and adjust to your new surroundings just as curve balls are thrown at you and fear is ever present. Frustrations, loneliness, sense of accomplishment, happiness and sadness are experienced all in one day. You begin to achieve great things and gain more confidence as time goes on. You can handle challenges brought to you although you have never delt with it before. Your family member is in another country, they are far away. You think about them constantly and wonder what they are doing at that moment on that day. You maintain thoughts of birthday parties, family and the things that are going on and the things that are important to you. Again,you wonder what your loved ones are doing at that moment. Are they safe without you? Do they miss you?. Are they looking at the moon and stars the same time you are? Your dedication builds and is ever present as you complete each day. You know you are doing right and are proud to be apart of something great. Your patriotism overflows as you dedicate apart of your soul to something you believe in, love and support. You make sacrifices, give of yourself and think of others. The time your loved ones are away seems never ending. Is there an end to the deployment? You can’t wait to see your loved one as you have been apart for long time now. You and your buddy’s support each other to get through these times away but it still doesn’t make it any easier. YOU are special YOU are important YOU are apart of the fighting team, YOU are a service members wife, husband, child, brother, sister, mother, father and relative.

Without you strong at the home front, WE suffer, period. Behind every good service member is a great loved one supporting them. Your service members are tuff trained and motivated to complete their mission away from loved ones for our country. Let’s not forget this is a team effort and remember those who have been so generous to let their prize possessions, loved ones and family members go defend this great country. Some have members that will never come back or were wounded for a cause the believed in. Those who are by themselves, struggling on food stamps and trying to make it day to day. This is truly One Team One Fight and when some stumble, others must pull the weight and help them out. We are so willing to help other countries during disasters, lets not forget about the heroes at home. They come in all sizes and ages. They are brave warriors who suffer as well especially when their loved ones don’t return. Display your flag in support regardless of how many family members you have at war or what your feelings are about the war. Make a difference!
Semper Fidelis and Thank you for making your sacrifices while you’re service members are away. We will finish the job strong and will be home soon!

Many enemy weapon caches have been found this week in mosques and homes. The enemy continues to attack with the usual IEDs. One of our convoys was attacked this afternoon with small arms by a small group of scumbags but we quickly overwhelmed them with firepower and made them pay for engaging us. The Marines did good and reacted accordingly to their training and made sure the scumbags knew they were attacking Marines. IDF (Indirect Fire) is ever present as both sides continue to fire upon on another with rocket and mortars periodically through the day. Last night included numerous mortar launches but all of them failed to cause affects on target.


I am a God fearing man. I believe in God as do many Marines. I did before I joined the Marines, ever fought in Afghanistan or Iraq. There aren’t any atheists in combat. At least not when things get interesting, then people become real religious all of a sudden when people begin to get dead! I’m a firm believer of when its your time to go, Its your time. I don’t try to understand it and it doesn’t bother me. I am right with God and I’m not afraid to die. However, I am allergic to AK 47 bullets, IEDs and mortars though. I respect them but they won’t keep me from fighting. God is first as I have learned and you have to keep it that way.
I’ve had some seriously scary and challenging experiences and one of many things that keep me strong and undeterred is my faith and the comfort it brings me. This is one thing the enemy would love to destroy. Do you know God?

America is the greatest country in the world. Land of the free, home of the brave. Bring us your poor, your tired. No where else can someone come here with nothing and become what ever they desire. Land of opportunities and opportunities are endless. Everyone turns to the U.S. in time of emergency. We are fortunate to be able to help and have the resources to do so. We as a country try to do what’s right. We are not perfect. “That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States; that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do. And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.” (Declaration of Independence)
These gentlemen were risking everything to succeed from the British because of what they believed. To risk everything you have, everything because of what you believe in is a unique character and is characteristic to the United States. To protect it and defend it whenever needed, “so help us God”. That is American. That is what we are.

To defend our great country during the American Revolutionary war, Congress developed the Continental Marines on Nov 10th 1775. Utilized throughout history they became the United States Marines. Since its creation in 1775, the Corps' role has expanded significantly. The Marines have a unique mission statement, and, alone among the branches of the U.S. armed forces, "shall, at any time, be liable to do duty in the forts and garrisons of the United States, on the seacoast, or any other duty on shore, as the President, at his discretion, shall direct." In this special capacity, charged with carrying out duties given to them directly by the President of the United States, the Marine Corps serves as an all-purpose, fast-response task force, capable of quick action in areas requiring emergency intervention. Evil can never disappear by word and requests. The best way to rid the area of a bully is to stand up to it. Regardless if its in a school yard or a sick dictator of a foreign country or a group of malcontents. Doing so may bring pain, sorrow or even death. But I believe there are some things worth fighting and if needed dying for. Marines understand that and are ready to give their life in the finest spirit of America

These are listed in order of priority for me. A priority that builds upon one another in a building block fashion for everyone. Priorities must be in order so you know how to plan and what direction to take and pursue. We as Americans live in the greatest country under a foundation of God, Country and for Marines, Corps. All of these have worked together through history to make our country and people stronger. They are set as far as priority but are interchanged to assist the other. They work as one. As our nation is at war we must have our priorities in line, we must fight as one country, under God.

Fighting around central Iraq has been moderate as Ramadan continues through to Nov 4th. With the usual IEDs hitting convoys in the area we received 2 rockets yesterday on base and returned with 8, 105 arty shells. Another 4 mortars hit near us but no injuries on our part but a few storage containers aren’t too happy. Now, as I type more counter arty departs in support of Soldiers in contact. Last night brought fighting as both side suffered losses in the area. Aggressive ambushes, sniper operations, patrols in conjunction with larger operations are tearing apart the insurgency. Everywhere they move we are waiting for them, they can run but they only die tired.

May God continue to Bless the United States-Semper Fi


THE SPIRIT & THE SWORD If this boot fits, wear it. Cmon America you have you wake up and make a difference! You are strong people, it’s inside you, it might be deep but its there. The enemy knows he can’t beat the Coalition forces here in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, he will try to beat you back in the states; Scare tactics, threats and bad propaganda are just some of his tools. You have to respect the threats but squash the bad propaganda. Im tired of being nice, I don’t have to be nice, as a matter of fact Im getting to like being mean. Its about damn time you get a big ass belly full of anti American press and put your foot down. We are America and if you want to walk up and punch us in the nose, talk trash about the umbrella that provides you security you can stand the hell by for a good ol fashioned ass whooping. That’s right America every now and then you have to “click off safe” and stand up for what you believe in and pile drive to the BS into the deck. What’s that, you’re having a bad day and you really don’t feel like going to work??? We’ll suck it up cupcake and smell freaking roses. Life isn’t fair and you need to get tuff and press on. Its important that you make a creditable contribution to society. So all you “Im going to milk mommy and Daddy for everything they have” brainyacks need to go get a freaking job! We have to fight the enemy as one team because I can tell you this, the enemy is bonded together to fight us and he is committed to winning or die trying here in Iraq and “HELLO” in the United States. That’s right there in the good ol US. (click here to read more about attacks) So all of you anti war, Dr Phil watching, tree hugin mother scratchers that want to run crying home to mommy now cause you never want anything bad to ever happen, better open your eyes and join the team against terrorism. Terrorism is real and it wants to destroy your butt and the US by attacking you in the open or through the press. So if you think the enemy have plopped out lawn chairs, lit a cigar and called it quits you are sadly mistaken. Take charge, put an American flag in your yard and remember how you felt on Sept 11th when all those Americans were murdered! Who me? I can’t make a difference………….Monkey shit! One person always makes a difference and that can start something great! We are at war are you doing all you can? Marines are conducting operations throughout Iraq conducting house to house searches disrupting, capturing and destroying the enemy. We will take the garbage out here. YOU have to take care of yourself by being discipline, get organized and work together. There is nothing more that the scumbags love seeing is us against each other. There is the Spirit and the Sword and the Spirit will always win! Semper Fi

Today was full of hand grenade, IDF and IED attacks throughout central Iraq but mainly out west. Baghdad had an attack of mortars and a SBVIED on the building that houses foreign reporters in the area about 10 min ago. Few Marines wounded from the fighting today although the enemy and their positions are being destroyed upon us discovering them. The Mortar rounds were almost on time tonight as they launched a group at us as they impacted about 100 yrds away. Small arms fire intermingled with the evening prayers are a common sound as the sun sets. Business is good.

THE ENEMY There were a

THE ENEMY There were a couple small arms ambushes today with IDF, nice touch scumbags. Our convoy was hit by another IED. Third time wasn’t a charm for Haji as we escaped from injury as we do so often because of our superbly built Hummers. Being hit three times is nothing compared to IED hunters who go looking for IEDs before they can hit convoys (fuuuun job…..) Their encounters have been in the 20s and have escaped without injury. 120mm rockets slam into the area tonight but no injuries, they set them up on timers so their aim is anything but good. However the kill radius is big with a 120mm rocket so they don’t have to be dead on tgt. So much for the quiet night. The enemy is notorious for shooting at us then running into mosques with fortified positions established. They think we won’t fire on the mosques, they are wrong. Read about recent fighting here

Many people don’t know who we are fighting. Syrians, foreign fighters, who is the enemy ?? Well here is a basic explanation. You have the Shiates, Sunni and Kerds. The Kerds are pretty much off to the side and are just shaking their heads saying have a good time killing one another. Then you have the Shiates who are the biggest percentage of the Iraq people. They really are happy about the elections because now they get a big say of what happens in Iraq where as when Sadam was in charge they were the ones suffering the most. Then finally you have the Sunni (Sadams loyalists people & also the smallest percentage in Iraq) they have always been the smallest group but had the most power and had life the best under Sadam and they really dislike the Shiates but they hate us and everything America stands for to include freedom. They hate us for what we have done (established democracy) and taken away what they had (controlled chaos). In turn they fund, house and aide Iraqi (Sunni) fighters and insurgents. Any outsider fighter is morethan likely Sunni at heart.

Your average Iraqi really doesn’t want us here but then again they don’t support the big time scumbag Zarqawi either. Yip you guessed it he’s Sunni. They are glad for what we have done but down deep will be glad to see us go away and let them work things out their way. This of coarse means all out civil war between the three groups. This will probably happen once we depart. However, the seed of democracy now will help structure the country once all three groups have fought it out and come together as one. BUT this will take a very long time if ever. Meanwhile the Iraqi army will defend against outsiders (scumbags) trying to influence the outcome and with democracy and freedom we will make sure everyone plays nice and at the same time establish a foundation here. The enemy says everything on the opposite side and blows things WAY out of proportion against us. See what the enemy says here. The job here is a ways from being over. However, this place is light years ahead of where it was 5 years ago.

THE MOON Hello America! Today

THE MOON Hello America! Today in central Iraq we saw clouds for the first in several months. Fighting continued in the west with IEDs hitting coalition forces and small arms attacks. Again, both sides took casualties today. Its an every ending event that you hate to hear about but know we have the upper hand on all of it. There are many things happening here that I cant talk about but trust me, it’s a good day to be an American and you should be proud. The bad guys are on the run and really hate Marines. Another arty barrage went out to support another mission this afternoon (0500 eastern). Man, that first round outbound really gets you if you’re not ready for it. Corresponding attack helos swarm to engage enemy positions obtained in the city. Tonight loud rotors thump through the night as they approach and disappear just as quick. The enemy attacks Marines and Soldiers from buildings with women and children in the area. IEDs explode with little warning and little care for who they injure both Coalition and Iraqi people.

Iraq has already began to deal with its initial problems as a country with democracy but they are dealing with their problems a lot better than if they were under the old regime plus they are their own problems that they can fix to benefit themselves. Speaking of which many here would like to see Sadam executed. The hate for him here is strong and they want him gone for good, dead! Everyday we achieve another step in the march towards freedom. Everyday Iraq becomes stronger as does its army and its people. The sooner we get the Iraqi army trained the sooner we can get out of here.

The night here ends another day although its early afternoon on the west coast. Full moon crisp air and silence. The kind of silence that isn’t welcomed because its usually quiet because Haji is preparing for another coordinated attack against us. We will be ready, we always are.

THE OATH Today was a

THE OATH Today was a good day. We sat as the sun went down and ended this Thursday. Smoking a cigar we listened to the many different prayers being broadcasted through the area. Not much fighting had gone on around us for the day but yesterday a SBVIED and numerous IEDs took their toll. Today was a busy work day with continuous missions being conducted out west. Both sides had suffered losses the past week and none of the fighting/losses had anything to do with the elections as that is a thing of the past now. A steady barrage of artillery went out yesterday afternoon to support Marines in contact. Tonight we received 3 rockets but there were no injuries. There is nothing that will take the place of the frequent rocket sound being launched in our area. Its one I will remember. Tonight fighting continues around the area out west and in central Iraq for the Marines.

The Marine Corps is an institution. One that you have to prove you have what it takes to join and to survive. We are an organization that develops strong bonds even between Marines who had never met before but hold the same title. We have a saying that reads, “Once a Marine, Always a Marine” because when you get out of the Army or other branches you say I use to be in the Army. Marines don’t say “Im a former Marine”. We stay Marine and we stay together. We have lost Marines in the past months here. We have lost Marines in the past months back in the states as well. Some by accidental deaths and some by old age. To all the Marines, we salute you and your families for the hardship that you endured. For what you have done in the past and for what you are being trained to do in the future. Semper Fi Marines we hope to fill your shoes and make you proud.

We have a continued commitment to duty to complete what we were sent here to do because we believe in it. Before any service member begins their military career they are sworn in and repeat the below:

I, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.
It may be difficult for those who never have been in the military to understand but it’s a dedication, an oath. That’s right America, an oath to defend and have allegiance to the greatest country in the world. If for some reason you wake up and eat a bowl of dumbass and break what you have sworn, you can and will be tried by the Uniform Code of Military Justice. This is the military system of law. This a building block to our foundation of defending this great country. We are sworn to do it……and we will defend it so help us god!

HOLIDAY We were out and

HOLIDAY We were out and about out west and visited some Marines and Soldiers living large, NOT. Their morale was high and they walked with their chest out knowing everyone did good with the accomplished elections. However they had No running water, bad chow and pooping in a 55 gal drum that gets burnt once a day, Yea that’s right you commie cry hole bed wetters out their in lolly liberal land, these are the warriors stomping mud holes in terrorists butts! Elections, they are in the past, done, victory, we are now moving on to the elections in December now and we have a lot of butt kicking, heal driving to do between now and then. No time to rest. No scumbag terrorist is safe, we are coming for you and if you haven’t figured it out yet….we are here for awhile and we aren’t to freaking happy about it so I guess you have to pay for it. Nothing like having a couple thousand US Marines stay in the crapiest conditions in the world and then take the leash off of them and tell them to hunt down scumbags!! WOW!! I think it should be declared a holiday……what to name it??………Freedom day?…Naa………..Christmas?………nope, that ones taken (but fitting)…….Monky Stomp Monday?………nice ring to it……… about….. “Come to your house and blow your stinking camel licking carcass into small pieces so small we will be able to bury your sorry butt in a thimble”………day???????? Kinda short but I like it!

Thank you ALL very much for your moto comments you have left below. I read every one of them and then go smoke a cigar and listen to counter battery artillery devastate sorry sally butt scumbags fleeing from their sorry excuse of attacks on us. It’s a great way to end the day. It is doggone outstanding that you all are so very supportive of your service members. Many know down deep you are there for us BUT allow me ensure they know by passing your comments on.

Today was a hazy mild weather day. Rainy season cant be far away. There were the normal IED attacks in the area with no injuries. Fortunately we can’t say the same for the scumbags. Counter battery rang out as the first one always gets ya if you’re not ready for it. Small children waved to us today as we moved about, something that doesn’t always happen. Usually they make detonation motions with their little hands telling us there is an IED ahead. Swell… to love the locals. Today was a quiet day, which probably means tomorrow will bring many mortars our way topped off with RPG and machinegun sprinkles to boot. Great, Grand, Fantastic! Kick Butt and have a nice day, Capt B sends.

NEXT It was a relatively

NEXT It was a relatively quiet Sunday as polling stations closed up and ballots were accumulated and workers departed. Late evening numerous fast movers were on station and swarming, as they patrolled the area. Looking back at the elections it is being labeled as a success due to the pre planning of the Coalition & Iraqi forces across the region. Mainly the success is due to pre election operations throwing the scumbags off balance and making them move out of their comfort zone where they planned to disrupt the election process. Early and mid month Ops have proven to be key in the disruption of elections. Once the enemy was disrupted tightening the neuse and protecting the voting areas developed a path of success for the US & Iraqi forces and the elections. Although planning is where things begin, it’s the rifleman on the lines that makes things happen. It’s the young Marine and Soldier who fight the battles and wins, not a plan. They all have done a spectacular job preparing and executing security and combat operations for the election process.

Evening prayers continued tonight over the loud speakers around 2100 just as Haji began to get his muj on (muj = getting all confident and brave for attacks) for the night. Distant large explosions were heard a few miles away. Nice big ones….Although past curfew a nearby gunfight begins. It continues for about 3-4 minutes which is like eternity as crackling of AK47s and 556 are intermingled followed by 50 cal machineguns. Quickly, attack helos appear on the scene from nowhere and provide cover for the forces engaged. There is a lull in the gunfight for about five minutes. The machinegun fire starts again and continues for another 3-4 minutes. This is characteristic of Haji hitting and falling back and hitting again. The area is saturated with attack helos rotors thumping as they make sharp turns and are relatively low over the scene providing support. Although one chapter (elections) is over we begin other books simultaneously in our missions here in Iraq. There are plenty of scumbags to deal with and there is never a dull moment so we don’t gloat as we have other missions and plans to turn to and many other events to attend to as our mission continues.

Marines, Soldiers, sailors and Airmen will continuously defend our country and travel to far off distant places to make things right and defend freedom. We will go, that’s our job. Some of us have made numerous trips only to return home and prep for another departure. This is expected of the service member, its what we desire to do as a member of our great armed services. However, we will continuously excel with the support of the American people. Scumbags can’t beat us militarily here or in Afghanistan. They will try to deter you great Americans back home. Don’t be fooled. As evidence of the past couple days we “America” are doing great things here. We are taking those great things and making history because our people, like you are behind us. Thank you, and God Bless America!


LOOKING GOOD As the sun came up today no one really knew what to expect to happen as Iraq began their democratic elections. One thing for sure Marines & Soldiers were ready to do their job and provide the necessary security required to ensure the scumbags didn’t interfere with our mission at hand.

Across the entire AO (Area of Operations) the tempo was mild although not without fighting. The typical in your face IEDs and RPGs were ever present but your armed services prevailed and insured a safe voting atmosphere for the Iraqi people. Although the news probably wont have much to say about it, it was a success for the country of Iraq, its Army and its people. Unfortunately there were service members wounded and unfortunately paid the ultimate price today in surrounding fighting throughout the AO. We knew it wouldn’t be totally quiet and the few contact (IEDs) today took their toll on some units. Across the board the area was eerie silent as streets and markets were empty. Only polling sites were the busy places. The famous purple finger that voters get when they vote was the popular sign of the day. Unfortunately some service members will receive Purple Heart medals for their actions this day.

Now as the country has made a milestone achievement they have democracy in motion. As Americans we want things done yesterday and have little patience for things not produced now. Patience is what is needed here and the coward left wing bed wetters won’t understand that. Iraq is where the US was 200 yrs ago. Will their constitution change? Yes of course as ours still changes to this day. Will there be continued fighting? Yes, there are plenty of scumbags here that need to be delt with as they recognize that their days are numbered now since they couldnt alter the elections. The fact that there wasn’t a major mass casualty of voters, SBVIED in polling centers or assassinations conducted that the foaming mouth reporters could get in the middle of just reinforces how far the Iraqi forces have come and how they are getting stronger than the scumbags. Reporter’s countrywide saturated the area days prior to the elections to hopefully catch the US forces failing. Well to damn bad it didn’t happen so pound sand! You be the judge on just how much coverage there is of the actual elections on the news tomorrow. My bet is that there won’t be much beside some BS doubters or what if this or what if that negative crap on. I know that if there were an unsuccessful election, it would have been nothing but “Breaking News” shots about how we failed. It’s a good day to be an American, stand tall America we helped a country get on its feet today. Semper Fi-Capt B