Happy Thanksgiving America

Marine Cpl. Kevin Marra, left, a Walton High School graduate, and Marine Staff Sgt. Luis Juarez, a Marietta High School graduate, will be spending Thanksgiving in Camp Bastion, Afghanistan.
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Thanksgiving. There are few occasions when families get together all in one place and actually see one another and be thankful. Some families don’t always “get along” and therefore dread these types of holidays. The awkward meeting of the fellow sibling that causes friction can be a negative element to the holiday and can be a pain in the ass.  If not the sibling then perhaps something else that is out there that makes you not want to be together. Well, that’s your choice.

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Tactical Warrior Wear - Get ya Some!!

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As you know from time to time I try to help fellow veterans with their goals. This situation is no different as the veteran owned company Tactical Warrior Wear is composed of battle tested Vets that see more to their company than just a t-shirt. Some however my simply just see “t-shirts” but it is much more than that.

Currently in America, this administration like no other administration is doing all they can to restrict your 2nd amendment right, your speech and your freedom. Thus, Tactical Warrior Wear emphasizes their purpose and backing of their message by utilizing the “We the People” on their home page and there isn’t much more out there that defines America, than the constitution.

Besides being a current political figure, how else do typical Americans continue to voice their beliefs in this techno media age? What a better way than a piece of clothing you can wear just about anywhere that supports the 2nd amendment and displays what many in America are currently thinking.

Tactical Warriors goals include building a location where one day they will employ wounded warriors whom will be able to be around “like” minded individuals and where those individuals can become a part of the team again. Medications aren’t always the answer, sometimes; a fighter just needs someone who has been “there” to listen to them. Twenty two suicides a day is 22 too many, period.

Power of constitution clear shirt

Currently the company has started off small (smart) and focused their efforts on a few t-shirts. However, trust me, I have seen their way forward and they have many more awesome designs in the hopper but they are taking it slow, driven by their current economic situation and they want to do it right.

What better gift for that wrench turning, Harley riding, gun owning bad ass American we all know? I’m a pretty simple creature and I like all of their shirts so much, we traded our knowledge and in return, one of their opening t-shirts is a One Marines View “Doesn’t Play Well with Others” t-shirt that any proud American would be happy to wear, even to weddings…..I never did that, well maybe once…but that’s another story.

Tactical Warrior Wear also wanted to “give back” to those that have helped so many of “us” so I recommended the charity Any Soldier as their sponsor of support. Portions of every shirt will go to support the Any Soldier charity.

So, while your walking around the dinner table this Thanksgiving, the mall during Black Friday or at that awkward family reunion this Christmas, why not sport a bad ass shirt that not only supports America, vets, the Anysoldier charity, your second amendment rights but simply states your views without saying a word. Plus, chicks dig em….so we hear. These will make a kick ass gift/stocking stuffer or sleep shirt (for you ladies) for under $20.

PLUS, Tactical Warrior Wear includes free gifts with every shirt. Yup, free. They will rotate different gifts with their shirt and trust me, I’ve seen a few of them they have planned and every American will be like “hell ya, Merica!” when they get their shirt. Plus, their shirts are quality weave, 50/50 preshrunk blend. These are nice.

Another cool venue of Tactical Warrior Wear is that they plan on shipping their shirts in packaging that honors fallen warriors and Medal Of Honor recipients. How cool is that?

Does not play wellSo skip the tie for dad, the scarf for mom or that awkward gift you pick up at the last moment for your goofy brother, get them something as cool as the people they really are. They will appreciate your effort and …..its a lot cooler than a tie.


You dont need guns shirt clear

Check them out at:


Twitter: @TacticalWW

Join their Facebook page

Some kick ass pics on their Pintrest page

Or, just drop them an Email: admin@tacticalwarriorwear.com


Time for a C-Gar!!!


Army Rejects Appeal From Green Beret Fired After Confronting Rapist


You read it here where Sgt 1st Class Martland was reprimanded for stopping a child from being raped in Afghanistan. He did what any other American, God fearing,child protecting warrior would have done, and this administration has crushed him, his career and has gone against everything we represent as guardian angels.

Not only does this affect this warriors life and career, it also affects his family and their life. Since the event came to light, the Green Beret had tried to file for an appeal. Now, the army has denied his appeal and is showing him the door……..for doing the honorable thing. Obviously, this administration does not care about its troops nor about what we stand for. Actions speak louder than words. Read full story here Time for a C-Gar.

Army Cutting 500 Majors Starting Next Week


This administration, through the military sequestration process has lowered your US military to bare bones number, without reducing the missions as posted here, here and here. Many people I speak with are like “what’s sequestration?” Well, point blank, it’s a Massive reduction your military protection. By cutting, giving pink slips, firing, however you want to shape it, this administration has lowered America’s fighting force to bare bones. The Marine Corps has taken a very hard hit as has the Army but as you can see below, the Army continues to hit.

A major element that many congressman etc that are making these decisions don’t think about is all of these Marines and Army joes etc they are letting go has three major implications:

  1. Most of the warriors being let go are combat hardened service members. Once they are gone we will have a very thin and novice military force. Think about all of the warriors who have done multiple Afg/Iraq deployments and are now gone. Once you lose that experience, it’s very hard to replace.
  2. The civilian job market is hammered by veterans dismissed in bulk. Unemployment is not getting better folks.
  3. You military is very thin. Currently the Marine Corps has dozens missions that are trying to fill with less than required Marines. Does that make sense to you?In a time when terrorism is gaining momentum, the war in Afghanistan is in a stalemate because we have stopped the attack on the enemy and simply are just sitting on bases marking time, Iraq spins out of control, your administration cuts the military beyond that of typical democrat, levels.

We are weak and vulnerable. Point blank. Time for a C-Gar


About 500 Army majors, some of them now serving in Afghanistan, will begin receiving notices next week that they must leave the service as the Army cuts troop strength to meet budget cuts, the outgoing Army vice chief of staff said Friday.

"We don't want to do this," but the Army has no choice under the constraints of the Budget Control Act and the Congressional sequester process, said Gen. John F. Campbell. Read full story here

If he isn't down, why are you? - Motto Monday

Don't for one second think, ugh, Monday's suck, unless you are in the same situation as this warrior. If your not, suck it the hell up! I don't care if your "Monday" has 100 meetings, a large chore list etc etc. If you aren't a quadruple amputee and have been through combat like this warrior, don't start telling me about how your Monday was tough or whine about free education or any bullshit. Get into your day and kick ass, because this warrior is!

Time for a C-Gar


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