Watch This Naval Officer Blow An Easy Navy Question On Jeopardy


Eli Rosenberger is a naval flight officer based in Oak Harbor, Washington. Eli was on Jeopardy tonight, in his service dress blues, shiny NFO wings and all! How did Eli do on Jeopardy tonight? Well, let’s just say whatever winnings he managed will now go toward buying a lot of beers for a lot of sailors in his squadron — for starters.

In case you don't know, the answer is "Whos is the Navy".........Fail

Poor Navy dude.......Time for a C-Gar

Top Marine testifies on explicit-photo scandal: 'We've got to change


Talk about bad timing. The Marine Corps recently spent a shit ton of money on marketing a “new image” for the Corps and released the below new commercial.

However, with the recent stank of the nude images involving a ton of active duty Marines all of the effort, all of the research and time spent in making this “new image” just went out the window.

Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller answered tough questions from U.S. senators on both sides of the aisle today about the growing scandal of explicit photos being shared on the Marines United Facebook page and other websites.

He called the actions of Marines engaged in cyberbullying female members of the corps "truly disturbing and unacceptable." Read more here


Can you imagine being on the staff of doing all the planning etc. for this big new Marine Corps commercial launch and then “bam” it all goes to hell as your branch is exposed in a nude pic website cluster?

Ugh, the poor staff officers who just waited the past 6 mo to a year of planning, editing etc and bam, its wasted. The commercial could have made a seriously significant impact for the Marine Corps but with the nude pic website fiasco going on, it will be over casted with shame.

 It’s like they always say, “they never remember all the great shit you do, just the jacked-up shit”

Time for a C-Gar

Here is the shadowed new Marine commercial


Harley-Davidson Rejects Military Wife’s Late Check, Sends Her Tear-Jerking Letter Instead. Motto Monday


Regardless if you ride a Harley or not, you have to admire the patriotism of this particular Harley dealer. Well done gentlemen. well done. Time for a C-Gar!

It turns out, many years ago– during the Vietnam War– Dennis was nearly drafted but was discharged due to a medical problem. Since then, he’s been extra aware of the sacrifices made by our armed forces, and he’s always been looking for ways to give back.

That’s why accepting Jaime’s money was not only a problem for Dennis personally, but it was against a policy Dennis has upheld throughout his 18 years of ownership. Read more here



That time Marines in a firefight called customer service for help with an M-107


You may have heard of a story where Marines in Grenada had to actually use a credit card to call back to Camp Lejeune to pass on grid coordinates for a close air support mission (best depicted in the movie (Heartbreak Ridge) as their radio in the battle was destroyed. They found a landline in an abandoned building and called Camp Lejeune collect ( no shit) well that like the below actually happened.

I've know at least once we have used a satellite phone and made some pretty unique phone alls in support of the mission but not as cool as this. The Marines were using the M107 50 cal sniper rifle and as it stopped working while in a gunfight, they called the manufacturer. They were glad to help. Read more here

When you need help, there’s nothing embarrassing about asking for it. Especially when the pressure is on to get it right as soon as possible.

Rifles are no different. And if you have to call an arms manufacturer for a problem there, it’s probably a big deal.
That’s why Barrett Firearms Manufacturing provides service for its products long after they enter military service. Most notably, the beloved Barrett M-107 .50-caliber rifle.



Nude photo-sharing scandal at Marines expands to other branches

Aaaaaand it gets worse! As if ya didn't see this coming, multiple branches are involved. Total face palm, seriously guys? You read about it initially here and now the plot thickens. Apparently, the "leaders" aren't keeping our warriors busy. Interesting what happens when you purge a major military force of several thousand combat proven members during sequestration, you have some sludge left over.  

As I said before, as Marine, we should also hold leaders responsible. Time for a C-Gar


“When I hear allegations of Marines denigrating their fellow Marines, I don't think such behavior is that of true warriors or warfighters,” he said. “Right now we all need to be focused on getting better. Not hiding on social media, participating in or being aware of actions that are disrespectful and harmful to other Marines.” Read more here

US Marines join local forces fighting in Raqqa,Syria

All over the news today it is advertised that Marines have landed in syria. Their mission will most likly be to support local forces in the recovery of Raqqa.

Images (1)
Most likely a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) size force that are always afloat to swiftly advance in a hostile situation. This will be a tactical advancement much like but on a much smaller scale of that like Fallujah. The MEU is self saficient and includes aircraft,artillery,amphibious armored vehicles and tanks. 

Never take your week for granted,there are young warriors in harms way. Time for a C-Gar

Read more here