Mad Dog starts work Sat morning! New Sheriff in town!

Riiiiiight aaaaaaaabout now, the military officials in the Pentagon are realizing there is a momentum shift and also a new sheriff in town. Gen Mattis aka The Secretary of "Offense" arrived early Saturday morning at the Pentagon to begin work. I can't imagine the cheetah flips all the branches were doing last night and this morning and will continue on through Sunday. Mad Dog didn't get that name for sitting back. Read a story here to paint a small glimpse. or here if you are a slow learner.

Watch the video, you can hear a "reporter" ask "Chaos" (that was his radio call sign in combat) what's on the schedule for the day. Mad Dog simultaneously steals the reporters soul, sells it on Ebay for a buck and continues on leaving the reporters limp body to try to figure out to obtain its next breathe.

Imagine the company you work for, has the new CEO arrive bright and early and you are to attend. Now make that CEO a warrior combined with the DNA of Chuck Norris (although Chuck is scared of Mad Dog), the coolness of Elvis and the brainpower of the atom splitters. Try to have a nice day.....Time for a C-Gar


That time when a Marine mechanic took a jet for a joy ride.


I can tell you, when you think you have seen it all, your young Marines continue to out do themselves, in combat and garison. Seriously, they know how to do some funny stuff and also how to bring a new level of face palm to the equation too often as well. Regardless, ya got to love em. Time for a C-Gar

 How much could a Marine Corps fighter cost? That was probably one of the questions running through 21-year-old Lance Cpl. Howard Foote’s mind as the enlisted flight mechanic climbed into an unarmed A4M Skyhawk in the middle of a July night. Read more here 

Keep Attacking!


Reality check: 

My back is sore,knees hurt, sometimes i dont feel like working out then I saw this warrior in the gym today.


 I'm fine....


Be grateful for what you have and never let your fears be stronger than your dreams. 

Time for a C-Gar