This Marine sniper threw the enemy’s grenade back to save his brothers


Hey kids, want to see what a "bad ass" looks like? No, its not the smack talking gang members trying to impress you on the subway by running their mouth, its warriors like LCpl Moore. A great example of putting others first and catching the enemy off guard by throwing their own live grenades back at them. Time for a C-Gar

His team spotted by insurgents and forced to take cover in an abandoned compound, Marine sniper Joshua Moore went against his instinct when two grenades landed next to him, throwing one of them back at the enemy and holding off insurgent fire until help could arrive.

Moore, at the time a Lance Corporal, was later awarded the Navy Cross for his actions.

Moore was part of a scout sniper platoon during a mission in Marjah, Afghanistan, in March 2011, when insurgents targeted his team.

The Marines fell back to a nearby compound, but enemy machine gun rounds soon sliced through the air, wounding two of them. After taking cover, Moore felt two objects hit him in the back. When he turned he saw two grenades lying in the sand. Read full story here

That time a Marine had a live RPG stuck in his leg

This happens morethan you think.. Crazy, I know right but it does. During one of my deployments, a Marine took an RPG through his side and the medivac bird courageously took the warrior to get it removed. A hairy ride to say the least. The surgeon cleared everyone out of the operating room that didn't need to be there and successfully removed it, saving the warrior. Hats off to our medical crews out there and to your brave warriors. Time for a C-Gar.

Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Winder Perez was fighting in Afghanistan in January 2012 when he was shot with a rocket-propelled grenade that pierced his leg and remained stuck there without detonating.

A medical evacuation crew ignored regulations against moving unexploded ordnance, picked him up, and flew him to medical care where an explosives technician removed the RPG so a Navy medical officer could operate on him. Read full story here

Pleading the Hillary: Sailor asks for leniency by citing Clinton case


Read the below article on how a sailor is pleading his case of "classified Material" violation as a reference to the Hillary case. It was only a matter of time. I dont think he has a prayer....Time for a Cigar

A US Navy sailor facing prison time over photos he took with his cellphone inside a nuclear attack submarine is pointing to the case of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to ask for probation instead.

Petty Officer First Class Kristian Saucier, 29, will be sentenced this week in federal court, having pleaded guilty in May to “unlawful retention of national defense information,” a charge leveled against him under the 1917 Espionage Act, according to Politico. Read more here

Former Marine's religious freedom claims rejected by appeals court

This is an interesting article. You can tell that she isn't an angel as she has been charged previously for simple failures that every Marine has to follow to maintain good order and discipline (shocker). Look sweetheart, I know you have it tough in your combat hardened cubicle with pictures of your family, smell good oils and a really fancy trash can you got at Target but since you apparently have put yourself before the Marine Corps, Ill remind you that you volunteered to join the Marine Corps and the government institution. Trust me, I praise the baby Jesus every chance I get as well as he has saved my ass numerous times (seriously) but if they let you put up your scripture, then when the  muslim, budah or devil worshiper puts up their scripture and are told to remove their  fancy goat head off their wall, they will have a valid argument that the "christian" has their stuff up, why can't they hang a goat head up as it supports their religion (see the Marine Corps order on religious customs, it exists). Its not that the Marine Corps is against Christians, its because the Marine Corps has to maintain good order and discipline which you have none.

Perhaps, if you removed that shelf in your cubicle with foo foo shit on it and put some war fighting pubs on it and read them and acted more like the Marine you were trained to be, you would still be in the Marine Corps. Just saying. Time for a C-Gar.


A former Marine court-martialed in part for refusing to remove a biblical phrase from her workspace lost her appeal on Wednesday, when a federal court concluded the orders from her superiors did not constitute a "substantial burden" on her First Amendment rights.Read more here



Navy Is Dumping “Blueberry Camouflage” Uniform

Shocker! Finally, someone decided that the blue digital camies for the Navy is a bad idea. Well, they would have hidden you great if you fell overboard off a ship, but other than that? Not so much. Silly Navy, following in the footsteps of the Army and changing uniforms at the cyclic pace. Time for a C-Gar


What some call the U.S. military’s most pointless and criticized uniforms are being done away with, Navy officials announced Thursday.

The blue and gray camouflage patterned Navy working uniform Type 1, also known as “Blueberries,” which was first introduced in 2009, is being dumped October 1, but will take three years to fully fade out. The uniform will be replaced by the NWU Type III which has a woodland camouflage appearance. Read more here


Watch An Iraq War Vet Take On Three Foul-Mouthed Punks On A Bus - Motto Monday


Why does it take a veteran to set asshats back in their place? This guy has an honest job, just trying to go home and these punks want to be "tough guys. They don't know how lucky they are. Time for a C-Gar


Jim Hardie is an Iraq War vet who has seen some tough fights in his day. But one day traveling on a bus, he decided to once again put himself in harms way to defend everyone else traveling that day.

As the story goes, Jim was traveling home in Seattle on the bus after a long day of job hunting after his 8 year run in the service.

It was at this point that three men in the back of the bus began talking extremely loudly, yelling obscenities that were making everyone uncomfortable. Instead of doing nothing, he started at them and told them to stop.

That’s when the assault came. Jim fought them all off until they got off the bus. The other passengers began to applaud him. Read more here